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War To Mobilize Democracy (WMD), LLC is a website resource dedicated to commentary and activism on behalf of understanding, promoting, and protecting democracy. WMD strives to provide its readers with the tools and information they need to truly participate in, and not just talk about, the democratic process. WMD’s founders believe that democracy is currently the most mature form of political system for peacefully organizing societies and allowing citizens to realize their full potential as human beings.

Democracy is a generic term. It alone cannot guarantee freedom for the peoples of the world. After all, the Weimar Republic was a democracy. Democracy can sometimes mean one election, one vote, and no more elections.

Briefly, democracy means the rule of law, property rights, separation of religious rule and state, representational government accountable to the people, civil rights, and civilian audit of a robust military. In other words, at WMD democracy is just as much about government in a republic as it is about freedom in general.

Why “war” in WMD? The founders of WMD use the term “war” both figuratively and literally. Figuratively, we use the term “war” to emphasize the seriousness of our position in defending and promoting democracy, and in defeating and opposing tyranny and the apologists for tyranny. First, we assume the best in humanity and strive for a world in which social, cultural, religious, economic, political, and philosophical disputes can be resolved peacefully through free and open discourse—taking full advantage of the representative nature of democracy. Secondly, we recognize that there are still tyrannical forces in the world which can only be overcome through “war” in its literal meaning--and war should only by used as a last resort, after all diplomatic means have been exhausted. We oppose and condemn all forms of terrorism. Terrorism can never be condoned, legitimized, rationalized, or tolerated, ever.

WMD seeks to create an ongoing dialogue about what, precisely, democracy is, how it can survive and grow while facing challenges in today’s world, in what ways it relates to democracies in the past, what it may mean to different peoples at different times, and how the United States, in particular, can promote it in other parts of the globe such as the Middle East. We welcome all our readers to contact us with civilized commentary and criticism to help build our mutual understanding about what we most cherish: the right of a people, wherever they reside, to answer as best they can the call to freedom.

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