The Problem With Serbia
By Andrew L. Jaffee, December 29, 2003
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You would think that after all these years, Serbians would’ve had enough of ultra-nationalism, campaigns of genocide, and war crimes. Apparently, many Serbians can’t get enough. The super-nationalistic Serbian Radical Party (SRS) won an estimated 28% of the popular vote and 81 seats in parliament in elections held yesterday. Slobodan Milosevic’s Socialist Party, with its extensive history of war crimes, won 22 seats in parliament. According to the BBC:

An outgoing deputy prime minister, Nebojsa Covic, said voters had punished the reformist government for failing to raise living standards.

"Living standards." There’s always an excuse for hatred, it seems: "We supported Hitler because the economy was bad," or "We didn’t oppose Stalin because he kept order." The behavior of many Serbians over the last decade sickens me. Remember the TV images of Serbian youth holding rock concerts in support of their soldiers’ genocidal activities in Kosovo? Just to set the record straight, I’ll once again remind people of the blood that some (not all) Serbians have on their hands.

Serbia, with a population of 10 million, was the big kid on the block in Yugoslavia – the bully – just as Russians were in the old Soviet Union. Major Serbian or “Yugoslav” bullying got under way in 1991 when the Slovenians declared independence from the Yugoslav federation. Yugoslav forces tried to quell the innate desire for independence, but failed, thank goodness. 100 people were needlessly killed. Slovenia is now free, and a charter member of both NATO and the EU. The Serbs didn’t want that. They wanted to dominate the Slovenes and siphon off their wealth and resources. Yugoslavia wanted to drag all the Balkans down to the lowest common denominator of “socialism” (e.g., centralized power and the enrichment of a chosen few like Slobodan Milosevic and his repulsive wife).

As the Yugoslav/Serbian bullies failed to demolish Slovenia, they turned their attentions to the Croats. Croats aren’t without sin. Some helped Hitler in WWII. No group is without sin, but Croats still deserve self-determination. Starting in 1991, the Yugoslav/Serb bullies tried to quell Croatia’s bid for independence. Both Serbs and Croats committed war crimes in the ensuing struggle, and are paying for their sins. But the Croats finally won their independence, thank goodness.

Not satisfied with trying to quell the autonomous urges of two nations, the Serbs turned their wrath against Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992, where they kicked their genocidal intentions into high gear. Serbs murdered 250,000 Bosnian citizens. The Serbs killed 7,000 Muslim boys and men in a single incident at Srebrenica. This isn’t conjecture. This is fact. A former Bosnian Serb army commander, Dragan Obrenovic, confessed to taking part in the massacre. Serbia-Montenegro’s president apologized (admitted guilt) to the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina for atrocities committed by Serbs during the 1992-1995 war. I admire his integrity for such a step. This proves not all Serbs are guilty of anything.

Failing to quell the free aspirations of a third nation, the Serbs turned their genocidal intentions against Kosovo in 1999. Led by the great “socialist” leader Slobodan Milosevic, the Serbs murdered between 5,000 and 12,000 Kosovo Albanians and deported 800,000. Only a sustained NATO bombing campaign, of course led by the U.S. over the objections of the European chicken-hearts, stopped the decade-long Serbian campaign of bullying.

Apparently, this fresh history of mass-murder isn’t enough for some Serbs. Their votes yesterday give the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) and Milosevic’s Socialist Party enough seats in the Serbian parliament to block the efforts of moderate reformers. Again, the BBC:

But the [Serbian Radical Party] party, whose leader Vojislav Seselj is held by the UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague, is not strong enough to form a government by itself.

Four pro-reform groups are now likely to form a governing coalition.

However, correspondents say the new government may be fragile, ineffective and short-lived. ...

A [Socialist] party official, Ivica Dacic, said: "Technically speaking Milosevic can be a deputy, but our party is yet to decide who is going to take up the seats."

What inspiring news: Serbia could technically now be ruled by two genocidal war criminals. What’s wrong with this picture? How could so many Serbs vote this way? What’s next, an extermination campaign against tiny Montenegro – justified by bad “living standards?”

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