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U of Colorado Prof Calls 9/11 Victims “Nazis”
By Andrew L. Jaffee, February 3, 2005
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Ward Churchill, ex-chairman of the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Department of Ethnic Studies, has compared the victims of 9/11 to Nazis. Yes, once again, American academia has shown itself to be a haven for terrorism supporters. Churchill, some politically-correct professor who would bristle at the thought of being associated with apartheid, nonetheless uses apartheid-like reasoning to devalue the humanness of September 11’s dead. According to KIRO TV news,

After the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, he [Churchill] called the victims "little Eichmanns," comparing them to Adolf Eichmann, the architect of Hitler's plan to eradicate Europe's Jews.

In his essay, the professor said the victims worked for a "mighty engine of profit to which the military dimension of U.S. policy has always been enslaved." He also argued that the terrorists who carried out the attacks "manifested the courage of their convictions" and "when you push people around, some people push back. There is justice in such symmetry."

So, according to Churchill, if someone worked in New York’s World Trade Center, it made them a "little Eichmann." Were the 500 foreign nationals from 91 countries who were incinerated on 9/11/01 “little Eichmanns?" How about the Dominican and Irish food service workers? What about the Jewish network technicians? How about the Muslim accountants? The Anglo-Saxon, Jewish, Presbyterian, Pakistani, Japanese, and Latino stock brokers? Were the brave firemen and policemen who sacrificed their lives to save others on 9/11 "Nazis?" What about the people who cleaned the toilets at the WTC? They were "Nazis?" The secretaries? The African-Americans?

I would ask Professor Churchill to please explain how 9/11 victims are categorized as sub-human "little Eichmanns." If a person is 1/8 stock broker, is he or she automatically marked for skyscraper death by jumbo-jet? South Africa’s apartheid laws had similar inanities that, while absolutely absurd, still held sway over a person’s life or death. How is Churchill’s current belief system different than Hitler’s, whom he criticizes? Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews, gays, and gypsies. Yet Churchill sees “justice” in Osama Bin Laden’s plan to rid the world of Jews, Christians, and Shiites.

Just browse through the list of 9/11 victims to find out how diverse they were. I’m sure Professor Churchill spends much time lecturing his students regarding “diversity.” The problem is, he has no idea what the word really means. Professor Churchill is an elitist, racist. He has become precisely what he claims to criticize.

There has been a furious outcry to Churchill’s spoken and written comments. The Houston Chronicle wrote,

...[Colorado] Gov. Bill Owens called for his [Churchill’s] firing.

The Colorado House approved a nonbinding resolution saying Ward Churchill's remarks struck "an evil and inflammatory blow against America's healing process."

The university's Board of Regents planned to meet Thursday to discuss Churchill, who resigned this week as chairman of the ethnic studies department but remains a tenured professor.

The governor has said taxpayers should not have to subsidize "outrageous and insupportable" views that run counter to the facts.

Thank G#d someone has taken action. I wonder what the parents of Colorado students would think if they knew this kind of message was being peddled to their children. But of course, the university’s profs are expressing solidarity with Churchill. According to San Diego’s Union-Tribune:

As pressure mounts on a University of Colorado professor who ignited a furor by comparing the World Trade Center victims to Nazis, colleagues have come to his defense – on free speech grounds.

The Boulder Faculty Assembly, a group representing professors at the campus, called Ward Churchill's comments "controversial, offensive, and odious," but also expressed support for his right to express them.

“Support for his right to express them?” Yes, throw some more gasoline on the raging fire. Do I believe in censorship? Of course not. But I truly wonder what has happened to common sense, common decency, etiquette, and intelligence when it comes to college professors.

My concern stems from the ever-increasing radicalization of college campuses. There always are a few nuts in the basket, but academia’s extremism has gone beyond a few nuts in the basket.

A former professor of mine went off the deep end in 2002, calling Palestinian homicide bombers defenders of their homeland. How many campuses have hosted “conferences” for the Palestinian Solidarity Movement, a group who actively supports terrorism? How many colleges shower acclaim over Edward Said-like academics?

American and European society has neglected its campuses for too long, allowing them to become dominated by the defunct, decrepit, dogmatic, melodramatic, and now racist Left-Wing. Taking back our schools will not be an easy task.

ACT NOW: Please express your concerns about Professor Churchill by sending POLITE AND THOUGHTFUL emails to the Department of Ethnic Studies - The University of Colorado, Boulder, to UC’s Board of Regents, to UC’s Interim Chancellor, and to Colorado’s Governor. Please also contact Colorado’s state house members and U.S. House and Senate reps. Remember, being rude and hurling insults will get you nowhere. Intelligent and thoughtful comments will have an impact.


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