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Symbolic partial strike in Iran's petroleum industry
SMCCDI (Information Service), March 20, 2005
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SMCCDI (Information Service)
March 19, 2005

A symbolic partial strike took place, today, in most of Iran's Petroleum Industry by affecting several refineries and facilities, such as, Abadan, Tehran, Hamedan, Ahwaz, Mashad, Esfahan and Tabriz.

Oil workers stopped the oil flow and its processing for several minutes despite the heavy increased security measures and injunctions made by members of Herrassat (Administration's Intelligence).

Iranian Oil workers and Petroleum Industry employees intended to commemorate the anniversary of the nationalization of Iranian Petroleum, by the late Dr. Mossadegh, and to protest against the direct and indirect looting of the country's main national asset by the Islamic regime and its technocrats. Most of them, just as like as most Iranians, are against the buy back system and shameful concessions accorded by the Islamic regime to European companies.

Some of these contracts are classified and non-public despite strict legislation made by the Islamists themselves. Most fractions of the regime have been involved in such transactions and groups or individuals, such as, Rafsanjani's family members, Behzad Nabavi, Mohsen Sazgara, Habibollah Askar-Oladi and the son of Ayatollah Kani have stolen huge amount of money in form of commission paid by foreign buyers.

Screen or offshore companies have been formed by most of the regime's technocrats in order to negotiate unfair long term deals. Some of them, such as, Petro-Pars which is located in Gibraltar is run by Nabavi who's known as a "reformist". This entity like many other is even escaping from any Iranian taxation.

It's to note that the Islamic regime's security agents are practically quadrilling all Petroleum related facilities, as, a total strike of this sector will bring down the whole political system in a very short time due to Iran's extreme reliance on petroleum for the main part of its economy.





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