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More public executions scheduled in Iran
SMCCDI (Information Service), April 15, 2005
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SMCCDI (Information Service)
April 15, 2005

A father and his son are scheduled to be executed in the rebellious City of Esfahan. These two executions are scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, at the same time.

Moosa Mohamadi, in his mid 40s, will be publicly hanged in the Bist- o-Tchahr-Metri street, and his son, Rasool aged 17, will be hanged at the very same time, in the Central Prison.

These two future victims of the Islamic regime have been accused of abducting 40 young girls, stealing their jewellery and raping some of them.

In an effort to help its European and Japanese collaborators justify the continuation of their economic relations with the Mullahcracy, the Islamic regime brands anyone in opposition to their ruthless rule a Drug Smuggler, Spy, Rapist, Bandit or Hooligan.

It executed, yesterday, Ghobad Si-Mansoor accused of "armed banditism". Arrested also in Esfahan, he was publicly executed in the nearby City of Najaf-Abad. His execution lead to sporadic and violent clashes between security forces and protesters trying to stop the execution.

Esfahan has been scene of several riots and armed attacks against Islamic regime's symbols of administrative and financial authority. More and more Iranians are resorting to armed actions by hoping to bring an end to this un-reformable regime known for its repressive nature.





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