That Other Holocaust

January 29, 2006, 11:17 am


By Andrew L. Jaffee

In the common parlance of the average man, the word “genocide” is rarely associated with communism (i.e., the Soviet Union or Peoples’ Republic of China). Historically speaking, many know of Hitler’s deeds; fewer might have heard about the Turkish slaughter of approximately 1 million Armenians circa 1915 – 1917, an incident now also termed a “genocide;” but how many know about — or dare speak of — Soviet atrocities which claimed at least 16 to 50 million lives? During Mao’s reconstruction of China in his own twisted image, he killed between 16 and 30 million. Surely these were “holocausts,” but are rarely referred to as such. How many box-office hits have reminded us of Hitler’s slaughter of 6 million Jews, but where are the high-profile tales of communist atrocities? Alright, the Killing Fields had a few minutes of mention, documenting Pol Pot’s systematic murder of 2 million Cambodian civilians, but can you think of any others?

Communist war crimes are rarely the subject of conversation at cocktail parties, especially among the Left. Why? The answer lies in the worn-out dogma that still prevails amongst those who can afford to be sympathetic to Castro, the Islamists, et. al. — anything that represents “opposition” to the supposed colonialist aspirations of America, all driven by “capitalist greed.”

Since the “liberals” feel guilty about living their comfortable lives, and cannot stand to bear the sight of the poor, they lash out in all sorts of strange ways at the society in which they live so comfortably. After all, communism promises an egalitarian utopia, in which all are (forced to be) equal. It sounds so much more palatable than the dog-eat-dog system which requires hard work and competition, but which the “liberals,” like the Kennedys or George Soros have profited so handsomely from.

At a small diner on Wednesday with some of my “liberal” friends, the subject of India came up. One of them commented, “I’ve heard that India is getting very westernized,” as if that was a bad thing. I kept my mouth shut, but wanted so much to remind her that India is a democracy, no one is forcing anything on the people there, and that Indians themselves have learned the hard way, have given up on their experiment with socialism, and have turned to capitalism of their own accord, because it is a system that works.

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Admitting to communist atrocities would be too much of a challenge to leftist wishful thinking (and hypocrisy and just plain historic ignorance). But all hope of reversing the crimson tide of historical revisionism is not lost.

The University of Chicago, not exactly a bastion of capitalism, acknowledged Mao’s murderous rampages at the prodding of Youqin Wang, Senior Lecturer of Chinese Language in East Asian Languages & Civilizations. The History Channel has started airing documentaries which bring Stalin’s exterminations to light. Just issued by is a “Council of Europe report on Crimes of communism (I).” And the BBC just yesterday published an article about plans for commemorating the 1956 Hungarian revolution against Soviet rule, in which Russian troops killed 3,000 innocents.

Even some of my liberal friends have made mention of books they have read recently, which educated them as to communism’s atrocities.

Words like “Auschwitz” and “fascist” are now intrinsic parts of common parlance, as they should be. But incidents like the Soviet deportation/extermination of 250,000 Lithuanians, or the Katyn Massacre, are just footnotes, barely small blips on the mainstream radar.

Some (leftists) may read this article and think, “Oh, he’s just one of those fascist apologists.” To which I would answer: “I lost family to both Hitler and Stalin. Why always the continued reminders of Hitler’s genocide, yet you apologize for Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s calls for the extermination of all Jews, and his plans to host a conference proving that the Holocaust was a myth.”

As Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) would say, “The story’s too damn real, but in the present tense.” How soon is now? When will there be mass acknowledgement of the other Holocausts? When will Steven Spielberg make a movie about Soviet atrocities?

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3 Responses to “That Other Holocaust”

  1. Flopping Aces » Blog Archive » Blogosphere Illumination II Says:

    [...] WMD: Communist war crimes are rarely the subject of conversation at cocktail parties, especially among the Left. Why? The answer lies in the worn-out dogma that still prevails amongst those who can afford to be sympathetic to Castro, the Islamists, et. al. — anything that represents “opposition” to the supposed colonialist aspirations of America, all driven by “capitalist greed.” [...]

  2. Bill Narvey Says:

    The atrocities committed by Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot should never be lost sight of and should always be thrown in the faces of those who believe in communism’s kissing cousin, left wing ideology and advocate such left wing views.
    Genocide however is the act of one ethnic group, motivated by racist hatred only of the another, to destroy that other ethnic group.

    By the numbers the communist atrocities under Stalin and Mao were substantially greater than those Jews murdered by Hitler, however those atrocities were not racially motivated and were not genocidal in nature.

    The deaths of about 1 million Armenians at the hands of the Turks just after the turn of the 20th century is sometimes errantly referred to as a genocide. Hatred of Christian Armenians may well have motivated the atrocity to be carried to the lengths it was, but it was a real fear of Armenians allying with Russia that led to the Turks to take the action they did to prevent the feared threat from the Armenians from being realized, whether that fear was warranted or not.

    None of these tragic events in history can ever to rise to the same level of evil in the annals of history and in the minds of humanity as Hitler’s murder of 6 million Jews which was a true racist inspired genocidal atrocity for they were hated by Hitler and other anti-Semites for only existing.

    Just 4 years after the end of WWII with the Germans, Arabs moved solely by their racist Jew hatred began its first failed genocidal effort and thereafter tried 3 more times.

    Only the Jews have been the victims of genocide. Only the Jews have been victims of 2000 years of persecution, the only reason being that they exist. For the longest time it was Christian anti-Semitism at work. More recently Muslim anti-Semitism has taken the most aggressive lead. With Israel’s statehood Muslims have asserted that they are not anti-Semitic and just anti-Zionist or anti-Israel. Few can honestly make that claim for the rhetoric of the vast majority of Muslims throughout the world, expressed by their leaders and through various media sources and by imams in their mosques, are filled with only Jew hatred and nothing more.

    Already the phrase “Never Again” is fading from memory and significance. In our time, real fears are rising in Jewish minds that the Arabs and Muslims of the Middle East are once again coming ever closer to the day when they will again mount yet another genocidal campaign against Israel and the rest of the world will not care enough about Israel or the Jews to do anything about it.

    If the singular meaning of the Holocaust and genocide of the Jews is conflated with other atrocities societies commit on other societies, whatever lesson the world may have learned by the Holocaust and the genocide of the Jews will be forever lost and first Israel and then the rest of the world’s Jews once again will be vulnerable to being erased from the world by the growing forces of Jew hatred.

    It is therefore critically important that no one be allowed to get away with describing as genocide, the evil atrocities some nations perpetrate on their own people or their neighbors for political, economic or strategic military reasons, whether those reasons are warranted or not. As horrendous as those atrocities are, they do not rise nearly to the level of evil of racially motivated genocide.

  3. publisher Says:

    Take the Russian communist atrocities. These were in fact racially/ethnically motivated. During the reign of the Soviets, which was basically a Russian-dominated endeavor, with help from plenty of indigenous collaborators, the motivation was precisely ethnic cleansing (Ukraine, Estonia, etc.). After the mass slaughters, intensive Russification was carried out in the Soviet “republics.” Selective murders were carried out by the KGB and NKVD for 50 years to quell indigenous cultural expression. For example, the Latvian and Estonian nations were pushed to the brink of extinction through policies of forced language learning, outlawing of cultural/religious practices, and by encouraging huge numbers of Russians to emigrate to the “republics.” If not for these peoples’ tenacity, and a little help from Reagan, ex-pats, etc., the attempted genocide would have been completed. Genocide. Period. There are many other examples I could cite.

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