Special Report: Danish Cartoons

February 6, 2006, 11:30 am


Click image to see all the cartoons...
Click image to see all the cartoons.

All in reaction to a few cartoons published in a Danish newspaper: Syrians torched the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus; Lebanese burned the Danish embassy in Beirut; five Afghans died during “protests;” scores of Pakistanis and Libyans have been murdered; all “protesting” the sacred right of free speech, which these Muslims have no understanding of whatsoever. Click here to see all the cartoons. We publish them here so readers can evaluate for themselves what the controversy is all about. That’s called freedom of expression, as enshrined in the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment. Here are some insights into the murderous reaction to free speech:

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Murder and mayhem because of a cartoon...

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Murder and mayhem because of a cartoon... all 12 cartoons

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22 Responses to “Special Report: Danish Cartoons”

  1. Ahmed Nassef Says:

    Making fun of one is something different from criticism
    If you disagree with muslims behaviour ..it doesnot give you the right to misbehave and curse our prophet
    we disagree and hate jews because they have taken palstine and built Isearl on it although b4 1948 there was no Isearl and all isearli land are all ours… this doeasnot mean ever ever to say any thing or critise prophot Moses God have peace upon this soul
    We respect all prophets but we hate Americans and Jews.
    leave palstine and Iraq and we wonot touch you you have created hate
    stay away from our land.

  2. publisher Says:

    Ignorance is no excuse for hatred. Information about the history of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not that hard to find. For example, take the World Almanac and Book of Facts, available in any mainstream bookstore and at most public libraries. Its profile of Israel states,*

    … The Hebrews probably arrived early in the 2d millennium BC…

    … Arab invaders conquered Palestine in 636. The Arabic language and Islam prevailed within a few centuries, but a Jewish minority remained…

    … Jewish immigration, begun in the late 19th century, swelled in the 1930s with refugees from the Nazis; heavy Arab immigration from Syria and Lebanon also occurred. Arab opposition to Jewish immigration turned violent in 1920, 1921, 1929, and 1936. The UN General Assembly voted in 1947 to partition Palestine into an Arab and a Jewish state. Britain withdrew in May 1948.

    Israel was declared an independent state May 14, 1948; the Arabs rejected partition. Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia invaded, but failed to destroy the Jewish state, which gained territory. …

    So we have ancient evidence of a Jewish presence in “Palestine” since 2000 BC, which can easily be found in any reputable archaeological journal. We have evidence of a continuous Jewish presence in the Holy Land. We have evidence that Arabs, not just Jews, were immigrants into the Levant. Finally, we see that Arabs violently rejected the hallowed concept of a Palestinian homeland in 1948.

    You may want to do a little reading:


    * The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2002, World Almanac Education Group, Inc., New York, NY, 2002, pp. 808-817.

  3. kashif Says:

    This is very bad way to describe the liberty. i think cartoon makist and editor and all those persons who are involve in this issue to be killed. n it is right of those persons who are invole in this issue that they should me killed like dog. so that every other person learn from their.how ever i will say at the end that God is looking all of us. hope all of those person will be got their reward soon . Inshallah

    Kashif Ali

  4. publisher Says:


    In case you didn’t know, making death threats is illegal. I will report your information to the American and Australian authorities:

    Asia Pacific Network Information Centre

  5. d brown Says:

    Thats exactly the thinking that gets islam a bad reputation,its beyond childish,barbaric even animalistic.You would take a life for a cartoon ? I beleive your religion has been twisted over the ages to suit its extremeist population .We are all human , if there is a god, we will ALL answer to him in the end

  6. makauniko Says:

    it is a big joke for religion. if this is what it means to be religious person, then i’d rather not be one. and again where are the muslim poets and literature experts, they can advice their imams, and believers brothers that the cartoons does not change anything. they do not make Mohammed less a prophet if he was one in the first place. it is absurd, pathetic and beyond any religous logic at all.

  7. Crazy Says:

    The world is crazy, like all reactions in this site. Every one manipulates every one: bush, sharon, sadam, all fucking politics. The result: human hate.

    It’s easy to hate but for the human limited brain is not able to love. Reactions on this site is the proven fact.

    This site contributes to expand more hate, the fact presented here are subjective and stupid, arrogant to some extent. The arab world doesn’t beleive the writen almanac simply because they did’nt writen the book. Vice versa non arab doesn’t beleive books writen by arab. It’s a we against they culture, to be honest a kids game. Look to this site and you’ll see the world.

    You’ll better spend your time in more intelligent things insteed of repeating historical prosas and insulting and intimiding people. The american and australian goverment are not prophetical, they’re also shitty like all other shit in the world.
    Bush is misleading you and your’re proud of it. You’re worth a cartoon.

  8. Israpundit » Blog Archive » Danish Cartoon Flash(back): Pope Compared to Hitler Says:

    [...] “According to Freud, projection is when someone is threatened by or afraid of their own impulses so they attribute these impulses to someone else.” Some Muslims are doing it again: Reacting ferociously when someone points out that there’s nothing holy about holy war (jihad). Because the Pope used jihad as an example of religion gone awry, he is being compared to Hitler by Turkish and other Islamists. Which just proves the point the Pope was making, namely, that any revelation that current-day Islam has a problem with violence hits too close to home among many Muslims, as the truth hurts. Remind you of anything in particular? The Danish cartoon controversy, where Muslims burned, pillaged, and killed because of a newspaper caricature of Mohammed? [...]

  9. Israpundit » Blog Archive » Muslim Collective Punishment Says:

    [...] When some crazed Palestinian homicide bomber blows up a cafe in Israel, the Jewish state often rightfully responds by bulldozing the murderer’s house. But the professional Arab/Muslim victims and their left-wing supporters call this practice “collective punishment,” as these appeasers are drunk on moral relativism and anti-Semitism. But when Muslims reacted violently to a Danish newspaper’s publication of caricatures of Mohammed by burning embassies and killing other Muslims — thousands of miles away from Copenhagen — no one on the Left cried “collective punishment.” [...]

  10. Israpundit » Blog Archive » The other cartoons: Arab hatred of Israel Says:

    [...] Ever thought about what the Arab media really thinks of Jews, Judaism, and Israel? Seeing is believing, from the ADL, below (these editorial cartoons were printed over the last few weeks by Arab papers in response to Israel’s self-defense against terrorist missile attacks). Hmmm… Israelis haven’t gone on any rampages of protest. Remember the Arab/Muslim furor over the much tamer cartoons of Mohammed? [...]

  11. Crazieness Says:

    These are stupid cartoons they are targating a small group of people but offend a larger majority. It is wrong to make fun of someones belifes why cant everyone get along!!! Nobody should really be to offended by these they do not even make cense

  12. maninder Says:

    i blame all religons all make god smaller than it is .rather then we enjoy living here our small period on earth ,but we actuly try to tell im right you wrong . religons had allways made us fight and same today if amaricans want real war try with china or india when you go inwade a country with beeten up army it doesnt make you a warrior . and your nato gang against one .if you ve balls do it alone can you .to ve a decent army you must ve atleast 25 million active forces and no one with glases or fat people all must be in top shape this is how india fighting with terrorists even they re sitting across the border but they were never allowed to do something like 911 .being a big mouth is not freedom of speech .right now non whites ve enough power to wipe all of them from the face of earth .and its up to the whites when they want this to happen but if non whites ve same thinking like whites .it can happen any time so look at history white greed had robbed the world .but can they stop now or they re just asking for it.

  13. Muhammed da Prophet Says:

    Christians, Jews, Hindus & Buddhists unite!

    Stop the Allah Hulla!!

  14. “Self-censorship and cultural cowardice sweeping Western art circles” | NeoConstant Says:

    [...] All for fear of offending Muslims, we have “a quiet wave of self-censorship and cultural cowardice sweeping Western art circles:” A novel (The Jewel of Medina by Sherry Jones) is pulled before it even got published; the “BBC has dropped a big-budget docu-drama, The London Bombers;” “the BBC hospital soap Casualty chang[ed] Muslim terrorists into animal rights activists;” and, the “Royal Court Theatre cancel[ed] an adaptation of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata.” To this sorry list, I would add all the U.S. and Canadian newspapers who refused to publish the Danish Mohammad cartoons, because the editors were cowering under their desks. I turn readers’ attention to an op-ed by Mick Hume for the Sunday Times [...]

  15. Omid Says:

    Hi, I am so sorry because of these cartoons, all the muslims are doing respect to all god s prophets, but you do not. it really make me sad

  16. sanjay Says:

    Religious tolerance comes with education and rational thinking. The educated and the advanced populace do not take offence of anything said, in lighter vein, about Gods and the Godmen. There are numerous cartoons and jokes on Christian / Hindu / Budhist / Sikh / Hebrew Gods and their messengers. Has there been any turmoil or unrest, taking offence from the comic stuff about their Gods or Godmen. Getting involved as saviours of the religion, we only belittle those great Godly souls who once walked on this earth and themselves tolerated others’ cruelities and foolish antics for us to learn to tolerate and bear. No doubt we all keep Them on a higher platform than ours, but getting agitated tells our own state of mind and not Their being big or small.

  17. thank you sanjay Says:

    thank you sanjay for expressing it so well…

  18. publisher Says:

    I’ve always found that the ones screaming and protesting the loudest (e.g., against the Mohamed cartoons) are the ones with the least faith.

    If they were confident in their own beliefs, they wouldn’t be offended by some cartoons, or constructive criticism, or name-calling.

    True faith means maintaining equanimity even in the worst of times, because you truly believe in something.

  19. fvk you all Says:

    as a athiest you all are wrong. RELIGION HAS STARTED ALMOST EVERY WAR IN HISTORY! wtf! just forget all your stupid imaginary friends and move on jeez, non of you haven’t met a single god and yet you would go kill other REAL people for them. fuck you.

  20. Melissa Says:

    Oh my, you definitely stirred up some emotions with this posting. Well I guess that is what literature does……

  21. Jack Says:

    If prophet Muhammad is alive, let him speak out and defend himself !
    The self proclaimed mortal poor creature of The All-Mighty God the Father The Son and Holy Spirit, died long ago and is no where to be seen .

    Those who believe in the dead are dead themselves !

  22. Sheik M'Diq Says:

    No one should make fun of anyone’s beliefs, but freedom of speech and of expression MUST be allowed. It does not matter to me what others say, write or cartoon…because those things cannot hurt my faith or God’s will or words.

    Muslims can make fun of Christians and Jews, and do it ALL THE TIME in their television, their press and their writings. They do this by disbelieving and claiming Mohammed is a prophet when HE IS NOT! They deny Christ by calling him a man, and by doing that Muslims deny God himself. Muslims elevated Mohammed beyond that of a man, and he was ONLY a man. Muslims do NOT want to live in peace, and they will get their reward by the sword. Those who live by the sword die by the sword.

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