Muslim Intolerance: One Newspaper, One Nation, One Religion, One World

February 7, 2006, 8:53 pm


By Andrew L. Jaffee

Some of my leftist friends have one thing in common with the Muslims now sacking foreign embassies: a fundamental lack of understanding as to how democracy works, and how precious it is. The leftists have grown up knowing nothing but freedom and opulence, and take things like the Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers, and Constitution for granted (if they have even read these hallowed documents). The Muslim radicals (Islamists) are throwing lit jugs full of gasoline at Danish embassies because they have known nothing except Big Brother (One Newspaper, One Nation, One Religion, One World), and do not even know what the letter of the term, “freedom of expression,” means, let alone the spirit. All this violence because a Danish newspaper published caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed. Islamists murder 30,000 Iraqi civilians, and the Muslim world is silent.

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The Islamists, whom we can surely label as “right-wing,” cannot tell the difference between the Danish state, a parliamentary democracy, and an independent Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten.

Radical Muslims are burning “Danish flags and effigies of the prime minister.” Hello! Danes are allowed free speech, no matter what the government thinks, or whether it is offensive or not. It is called “freedom.” But the Islamist reaction to free will is a petrol bomb.

In countries like Iran, there is no figuring things out through consensus. There is the (Orwellian) Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He has ultimate control over all decisions. His thugs banned Western music in December (no more “George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper,’ Eric Clapton’s ‘Rush’ and the Eagles’ ‘Hotel California…’” and “…tunes by saxophonist Kenny G.”). Iran’s theocracy hung two boys for being gay last July. Last month, the mullahs banned access to the BBC’s website. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad urged that Israel be “wiped off the map,” has denied that the Holocaust ever occurred, called for Israel’s Jews to be moved to Europe (ethnically cleansed), and has planned to host a conference to “prove” that Hitler’s extermination of Jews (and gypsies and gays) was a “myth.”

Are these not all issues that should inflame the “liberals?” Instead, the leftists rant about “cultural sensitivities”, vast “blood-for-oil” conspiracies, and how they feel “solidarity” with El Jefe Fidel Castro. No sympathy for Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, who’s throat was slit by Islamists because he dared make a film about the mistreatment of women in Muslim societies. What about Hollywood producer Moustafa Akkad, blown to bits in Amman, Jordan by al-Qaeda last November? Now, according to The Brussels Journal:

Islam is no laughing matter. The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten is being protected by security guards and several cartoonists have gone into hiding after the newspaper published a series of twelve cartoons (see  them all here, halfway the article) about the prophet Muhammad. According to the Islam it is blasphemous to make images of the prophet. Muslim fundamentalists have threatened to bomb the paper’s offices and kill the cartoonists.

The newspaper published the cartoons when a Danish author complained that he could find no-one to illustrate his book about Muhammad. Jyllands-Posten wondered whether there were more cases of self-censorship regarding Islam in Denmark and asked twelve illustrators to draw the prophet for them. Carsten Juste, the paper’s editor, said the cartoons were a test of whether the threat of Islamic terrorism had limited the freedom of expression in Denmark.

What happened to Mel Brooks’ adage, “Without Jews, fags, and gypsies, there is no theater?” Where is the leftist outrage to these, their supposedly boilerplate issues? No concern for Arab/Muslim youth having to grow up in Orwell’s 1984, never tasting freedom of expression? No grass-root protests against Muslim-produced images like this (from the ADL and

Muslim thuggery

Muslim thuggery

Muslim thuggery

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This is not about “cultural sensitivities.” This is about a bunch of Muslim thugs who want to force the rest of the world to do what they preach, not what they practice.

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The Danish cartoon frenzy should be a reminder to those who have already put 9/11 behind them. This war is now — a war between the civilized and uncivilized worlds. The civilized world is up against this type of thinking: A Muslim cartoon protestor in Afghanistan yesterday betrayed the “sensibility” of not having a clue about freedom of expression, or civilization, for that matter:

“They want to test our feelings,” protester Mawli Abdul Qahar Abu Israra told the BBC.

“They want to know whether Muslims are extremists or not. Death to them and to their newspapers,” he said.

Huh? Thanks for proving my point, sort of, Mr. Mawli Abdul Qahar Abu Israra. To people like this, the basest emotions prevail (One Newspaper, One Nation, One Religion [Islam], One World). Such a culture of violence — in word and in deed.

And this great divide between the free world and the teeming, angry masses will not be bridged so easily. Right now, five Turkish journalists are on trial for “insulting Turkishness.” Cuba’s Castro today:

…unveiled a large new monument outside the US mission in Havana.

The monument blocks the view of scrolling illuminated messages – some of them about human rights – displayed on the building by American diplomats.

The questions Westerners have to ask themselves are: How do I want to live? Under tyranny or freedom? Or do I and my children sacrifice our freedoms all in the interest of “cultural sensitivities?”

Full coverage of the cartoon controversy at netWMD:

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7 Responses to “Muslim Intolerance: One Newspaper, One Nation, One Religion, One World”

  1. allen Says:

    thanx for the link, we’re on the same side, the side of truth

  2. Noreen Says:

    You Need to look into your own self before pointing any fingure to anyone….deosn’t matter who he or she is…….. Learn to respect people’s values before a word comes out of your mouth. I think this is what education teaches you. Dont blame the whole nation just because of “few Extremist” . Take a close look at your hand and tell me if all of your five fingers are same size? I believe you are educated enough to understand what i am trying to say here. Freedom of speech doesn’t disgrade other people if you really know what “Freedom of speech” is?

    Comment me back at if you have anymore concerns.

  3. publisher Says:

    You don’t know what free speech means. Free speech means you can tolerate any type of speech, images, or beliefs, whether they are degrading or not. Democratic systems allow free speech so that people can evaluate any type of information, and make their own judgments freely — and not be intimidated by intolerant thugs.

    If your beliefs were strong, then you wouldn’t be upset by the Mohammed caricatures. But since you are so upset, that means that your beliefs are weak, and cannot stand any form of criticism.

  4. jack Says:

    and you [the publisher] can’t seem to tolerate the belief that sacrilege on Prophet Mohammed is a no-no, free speech or not!

  5. publisher Says:

    You don’t understand free speech. One person’s “sacrilege” is not another’s. We don’t live in a dictatorship. We live in a democracy. Therefore we tolerate free speech, regardless of religious considerations.

    If we edited the media just for one group, then another, and another, and another would object to something until there was no free speech left.

    There are many vile images available in many American media outlets. We tolerate them because we are governed by the spirit and letter of laws, not religious thugs.

    It doesn’t matter whether Muslims want to cry “no-no” — or if Christians, Jews, or Hindus do. We are all equal under the law, and have agreed to tolerate each other’s speech.

  6. Noreen Says:

    What do you really know about beliefs? belief comes along with respect. if you can’t respect, then you just can’t believe anything. and from your article i can see how respectful you are to other nations and their beliefs. Respect makes us human beings. It distinguish us from animals. I hope you noticed that animals dont respect each other.

    As far its concerned about freedom of speech. i think this is your own definition. Amongst the aims considered legitimate are protection of the rights and reputations of others (prevention of defamation), and the protection of national security and public order, health and morals. This is what freedom of speech is. Grow up people and stop making your own definitions.

    So finally you felt that we are trying to silence the West. Believe me you won’t only be silent but speechless if we bring up the facts. But guess what your ” Freedom” will not allow you to listen that. so why bother!!!!

  7. publisher Says:

    These are the facts: Islamists massacred 320 civilians half of them children in Beslan, North Ossetia. They killed 62 in Delhi, India, murdered 50+ in Turkey, and have killed tens of thousands in Indonesia, Algeria, and Nigeria. Al-Qaeda slaughtered 88 innocent Egyptians on July 23.

    9/11 (3000 dead). Madrid (200 dead). London (50 dead). Bali (200 dead). Amman (57 dead). 300 trampled to death in this year’s Hajj, 1,426 killed in the 1990 Hajj, 251 in 2004, etc.

    Sudanese Muslims have slaughtered 180,000 black Africans and Kuwaitis ethnically cleansed 400,000 Palestinians in 1991.

    Who needs to grow up? You still do not understand the definition of “free speech” as it it defined in the U.S. or Denmark.

    Drawing a cartoon of an ancient religious figure is not illegal. Nor is the Piss Christ (which is a vile image of Jesus, but is permitted under our laws):


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