Islamist General Gunned Down by Soldier [Iran]

April 24, 2006, 1:44 am


SMCCDI (Information Service)
April 23, 2006

Official sources of Iran’s Islamic republic regime are revealing the murder, on Wednesday, of a top Pasdaran Corp. (Islamic Revolutionary Guards) commander in the religious city of Ghom.

General Kamal Kazemi was gunned down, by a ‘crazy’ conscript soldier ‘who will then commit suicide’, according to the same official sources which have not revealed the name of the soldier.

Kazemi was a top Pasdaran Corp. instructor and the local commander of the repressive Bassiji elements who are dealing with what the Islamic regime qualifies as “immoral behavior” or “social corruption.”

Most Iranians reject the rule of the Islamic regime and radical signs of exasperation, against the symbols of the theocratic power, are increasing in Iran.


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