The War of the World

June 29, 2006, 8:00 am


By Randy A. Sprinkle

Throughout history there have been many wars in diverse places and as knowledge increased the inventions of man made them deadlier; so deadly that in this modern age of advanced technologies war has become unthinkable — almost.

The last century also brought many wars and conflicts including World War I. Referred to as “The Great War,” it was to be “the war to end all wars,” or as the French would say, “la der des der” (the last of the last). But time has a way of resetting itself and history of replaying itself. It would be but a very short time until an even greater conflict would break out which would threaten the whole world.

All of these wars seem to form a cycle but I have come to the conclusion that there is only one war. It started long ago, and it has never been conclusively won or lost. When one side wins a war it is never completely won but remnants remain which in the right environment and in the right time will again present themselves. The root has never been destroyed and although the top is cropped off and dies in time it always grows back. William Faulkner remarked; “The past is not dead, in fact, it is not even past.” I agree.

When Hitler came to power during the 1930′s a great part the ideology which he introduced was not only regional but international. Much of this thought was not his own for portions of it were derived from the ancients and a great part of it was derived from a collection of many prevailing thoughts and world views held by prominent intellectuals of the day. There were people of great recognition and power also who shared similar views, some of which merely sympathized with Hitler and others who supported him openly.

Some of them were Americans, some were British, and there were also many others throughout the world in both hemispheres. Among them were owners of giant corporations, international bankers, renown intellectuals, politicos and others of great power and influence. Some of these even continued supporting Nazi war criminals in the aftermath of the war by providing escape routes, documents, and sanctuary to prominent Nazi officials. Even governments which fought Nazism gave important positions to German scientists and experts in order to obtain advanced knowledge and capabilities.

It is however one thing to hold similar ideologies and another thing to share the exact same vision and agree on the modus operandi that should be used in bringing them into being. But the ultimate test is to agree upon the king. Consequently as the world descended into conflict with an apparent megalomaniac, many former sympathizers became disenchanted with Hitler and distanced themselves from him, but they did not surrender their beliefs, nor did they give up on their ambitions for a new world order.

Therefore, when the Third Reich utterly collapsed these ideological sympathizers did not dissolve but immediately set out recasting their ideology, or rather, the image of it and how it would be perceived by society. They seized the day using the very catastrophic event many of them had helped to create as a reason to establish what they hoped eventually would become an effectual world government.

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This led to the founding of the United Nations in 1945, which initially served only as a forum for discussion and coordination between sovereign governments. There was also an unsuccessful attempt in 1946 under a proposal called the Baruch Plan to take the next step and establish the first international agency with supreme authority. The agency was founded the same year and named the “United Nations Atomic Energy Commission” (UNAEC). It was proposed this agency be given absolute authority on an international level over all matters concerning the development and control of nuclear technology. However, this proposal failed but its failure did not deter the ambitions of proponents for a system that could implement international law and they proceeded on with the process to bring it into being by increments using gradual steps through the creation of inroads.

Attempting to change laws and governments is a arduous task, but that is not so with non-governmental organizations (NGOs); they can be created within society and made into whatever is desired. Likewise, by creating think tanks, tax exempt foundations, teachers unions, manipulative curriculum and such, you can transform the mentality of society. It is a lengthy process but the most efficient way to overthrow a system is to change society until the people will either allow change or will change the system themselves.

The NGOs are but some of the tentacles of the multinational corporations and the elitist who created and fund them. Many of the corporate giants who fund them are themselves “change agents” and are openly involved in social engineering. They own and control major media outlets, music, television, and movie studios, entertainment production companies, publishing houses and a long list of many other entities which not only have a tremendous impact upon society but also make billions of dollars to further their agendas.

Humanity has come along way over the ages and yet in some ways we have gone nowhere. We have come from gaining power by brute force using swords and spears, to conquering our subjects with ideology, propaganda, wealth, and even entertainment, enticing them into submission or apathy to bring them into bondage to pay tribute.

But regardless of the ways and means, the same ambitions remain from the beginning so that in terms of objectives, the past is not merely yesterday, it is now, and it is the future. The engineered transformation of society today is but a continuation of The War of the World as all wars prior are also but a part; and it may be said that whenever we are not at war, we are in the process of building up to it either intentionally or in blind ignorance.

Therefore the catalyst remains invariable being that there are no new natures of man. The same old man continues through each generation and those who give themselves wholly unto him are overcome. When they finally exalt themselves to the point they are no longer bearable, they are overthrown and destroyed. But this nefarious phoenix always rises out of the ashes in a different form, morphing to adapt to the present times or in an effort to conceal its failures of the past, however, the desire to resurrect Caesar remains a constant. It strives to be god in the absence of God. It is the seed that produces the root from which all types of fascism grow.

When most people think of fascism they relate to the 20th century, Mussolini, and Hitler. The Roman Empire is not always thought of as a fascist state but this is something that should be reconsidered for ancient Roman ideas were the inspiration for modern fascism and contain the essence of it. It was Benito Mussolini’s dream to rebuild the Roman Empire and upon this vision he founded a group called Fasci d’azione rivoluzionaria internazionalista (Fascist Action for International Revolution). Obviously, as indicated by the name, there was an international agenda; but why the term Fasci?

The word “fascism” comes from fascio (plural: fasci), which means “bundle,” and from the word “fasces.” The fasces were the ancient Roman symbol of the life-and-death power of the state. The symbol was comprised of a bundled rods bound together around an axe. The rods were a symbol of diverse groups and the axe at the center symbolized the state and the position and authority of magistrates to which the rods were bound. However, all of these being bound together were stronger than they were apart.

Mussolini adopted this symbol of the Roman Empire as the symbol for his fascist party.

This same basic ideology has in various forms been at the center of every great empire down through history which sought to devour the earth until the whole was consumed. Likewise today it is the same basic aspiration of those who labor to establish a central controlling authority by which all men are ruled. This is the rods and the axe in the form of progressive modern liberalism. They use a softer and more effeminate approach, but be not deceived, they hold international institutions and organizations above all the rods.

Some argue that internationalism cannot possibly be fascist because a main element of fascism is that it stresses strong nationalism such as that of the Nazi Party.

I respond by saying; when you have a world government and everyone becomes a world citizen you have effective nationalism for you have created a single entity which is in effect an international state. At that point you can flatter, propagandize, and indoctrinate the people in much the same manner as the fascists did their citizenry. The international citizen can be hailed as being enlightened, diverse, all inclusive, and morally above the racism of the Zionist, or above the bigotry of those holding religious beliefs, or above the greed and selfishness of those who believe in private property rights and free enterprise, or above the arrogance of those who believe in the sovereignty of a single nation.

Different terminology will no doubt be used to refer to them but international citizens will be considered a new type of Master Race, a race whose creation is not based on ethnicity or ancestry, but on the adoption of enlightenment. This new race of enlightenment, being born of superior ideas will think to supercede the status of all other races, nations, ideologies, and religions that came before.

It is therefore accepted as their right above all others, to consolidate power and place it under the control of intellectual elitist for the good of the society as a whole even if they must deprive others of their rights, their property, and their lives to do so.

Being then that they are the enlightened ones, for the collective good of humanity and for world peace all others holding opposing views must be minimized, transformed, or eliminated due to their inferior beliefs. Enter politically correct laws and regulations.

But how did they come to the knowledge that they are the enlightened ones who are superior to all others? Because their elitist rulers who control them told them so and it was taught unto them in by their educators and disseminated daily by the main stream media throughout the world. Behold the new fascism – Ideofascism.

What then now stands in the way of these internationalists who crave an authoritarian world government? Is radical Islam considered to be the main obstacle in the path? No, radical Islam is an impediment but not the main obstacle. It has been used as tool to bring it about and as another reason why world unity and this type of system is necessary.

The main obstacles are Israel and the United States as evidenced by the criticism directed against them by internationalists. Today outside of the U.S. and Israel most of the world’s citizens consider the United States and Israel the world’s greatest threat to world peace.

People who love freedom and who resist the control of an international body are under siege today. They are accused of creating strife and fomenting hatred around the world. They have been compassed about on all sides by real barbarians on the one hand and intellectual barbarians on the other.

Before the turn of the last century Thomas Sowell stated the following:

The barbarians are not at the gates, they are inside the gates -and have academic tenure, judicial appointments, government grants, and control of the movies, television, and other media. The question of the hour – and of the next century – is whether all this can be turned around.

It now is the next century and so I ask, “Can it?”

If the answer is still yes, and all this is somehow turned around, know that the victory will not be conclusive; it never is; it will but a reprieve until the next time, or the end of time, for until then long as this world goes, so goes The War Of The World.

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