Michael Moore’s Minutemen Murder 2 U.S. Soldiers

February 20, 2007, 4:27 pm


Eight Iraqi police also murdered by Michael Moore’s friends.

by Bill Levinson

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — An attack by three suicide car bombers Monday near a U.S.-Iraqi outpost killed two American soldiers and eight Iraqi police officers, Iraqi officials told CNN. …After a series of three suicide car bombings, 50 gunmen opened fire on the outpost, the Iraqi officials said. Insurgents fired small arms and threw grenades after an initial car bombing, a U.S. military official said.

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Only a uniformed soldier, or a partisan who is wearing a badge or other insignia that can be identified at a distance, can legally kill an opposing soldier on a battlefield. Our two men and the eight Iraqis were therefore not killed in action, they were murdered just like the victims of a common bank robbery or carjacking might be murdered. Filmmaker Michael Moore has praised these criminals and murderers as “Minutemen.”

The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not “insurgents” or “terrorists” or “The Enemy.” They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow — and they will win. Get it, Mr. Bush?

Moore’s similarity to Tokyo Rose, Axis Annie, Axis Sally, and Lord Haw Haw (William Joyce) grows when one reads, Cut and Run, the Only Brave Thing to Do …a letter from Michael Moore.

So I don’t want to hear another word about sending more troops (wake up, America, John McCain is bonkers), or “redeploying” them, or waiting four months to begin the “phase-out.” There is only one solution and it is this: Leave. Now. Start tonight. Get out of there as fast as we can. As much as people of good heart and conscience don’t want to believe this, as much as it kills us to accept defeat, there is nothing we can do to undo the damage we have done. What’s happened has happened. If you were to drive drunk down the road and you killed a child, there would be nothing you could do to bring that child back to life. If you invade and destroy a country, plunging it into a civil war, there isn’t much you can do ‘til the smoke settles and blood is mopped up. Then maybe you can atone for the atrocity you have committed and help the living come back to a better life.

In other words, this perambulating sack of manure, excuse us, Moore, is comparing his own country to a drunk driver who has killed a child while saying that our Armed Forces should cut and run. He is probably doing this solely for personal gain, in the form of the kind of publicity that might accompany a circus sideshow performer who drops his pants in public or bites the head off a live chicken. Moore ignores the fact that, prior to the U.S. invasion, Saddam Hussein was throwing political opponents into plastic shredders while his murderous son Uday would kidnap women off the streets, rape them, and then throw them to his dogs when he tired of them.

Now here is a song for that pig-faced sack of Moore:

I Ain’t Kumbaying Any More
(With due credit to Phil Ochs for the original). A Kumbaya-singer is a head-in-the-clouds pacifist who thinks that all people are really good inside and they won’t cut our throats if only we would sit down and sing “Kumbaya” with them.

Oh I marched to the protest of the Iraq war
With Cindy Sheehan and fat pig Michael Moore
The insurgents kept on growing
And our soldiers’ blood started flowing
So I ain’t Kumbaying anymore

For I’ve borne my share of peace signs
At a thousand different sites
I protested the Viet Nam War
I heard John Kerry lying
While his fellow vets were dying
But I ain’t Kumbaying anymore

It’s always the Left that opposes the war
And then even more young men fall
To turn our backs and run when we drop the sabre and the gun
Is to risk losing one and all

For I called our men baby killers when they came home
from the bloody Viet Nam War
That’s how I knifed my brother
And so many others
So I ain’t Kumbaying anymore

For I marched against the battles of the Iraqi trench
In a war that should have ended all wars
Saddam must have killed a million men
And I didn’t give a damn back then
But I ain’t Kumbaying anymore

It’s always the Left that opposes the war
And then even more young men fall
To turn our backs and run when we drop the sabre and the gun
Is to risk losing one and all

Now North Korea and Iran are putting missiles in the sky
To bring the atomic flash and roar
I saw the Twin Towers burning
So I am finally learning
Not to sing “Kumbaya” any more

Now the radical Left is screaming to impeach the President,
While terrorists are invading our own shores,
I called it “hate” and “militarism”
But now I call it “Reason”
And I ain’t Kumbaying any more.

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