Thermopylae was Greeks versus Persians, not Iranians versus Greeks

March 26, 2007, 2:17 pm


By Kenneth T. Tellis

I think that somehow the Iranians have gotten their history mixed up regarding their protest over the film 300. Thermopylae was a battle where the Greeks triumphed over the Persians. It certainly was not a battle between Iranians versus Greeks.

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After the advent of Islam in 622 A.D. the first country outside of Arabia to be invaded and conquered was Persia, a Zoroastrian kingdom under Khushrow II (Parvez). The conquest of Persia also brought about the forced conversion to Islam of its people. But it was also a time when the Saracen hordes of Arabia, took as concubines the Persian women and usually enslaved or castrated Persian men. The Iran of today is certainly not the Persia of the ancient Khusrows. Today’s Iranians are not really Persians at all in the true sense, but a mixture of Arab and Persian, really having no links to Xerxes, who ruled Persia during the Battle of Thermopylae, central Greece in 480 B.C. To even lay claim that the movie on Thermopylae was an insult to Iran, is to be jesting at best. The Iran of today, has left behind the culture and religion of ancient Persia, and replaced it with Arabized Islamism. Thus, only the REAL Persians (Iranians) of the Zoroastrian faith have any link or claim to ancient Persia and its culture, and certainly not the Iranians of today, or since the Islamic conquest of that ancient kingdom.

They Iranians can lay claim all they want to ancient Persia, but it will not stick, because they have absolutely no link with the ancient culture and religion of Persia. To lay such a false claim, is to lie through their teeth. But this also brings to mind, the false claims of the Nazis during the 1930s of the German people belonging to the Aryan race. Look at the greatness and achievements of ancient Persia, and look at what happened to all that after the Islamic conquest? Present day Iran, does not in any way or form represent the Persia of old. To even compare them is odious. Let the Iranians complain. Yes, the mega-hit movie 300 depicts the truth of an ancient battle between two different cultures, which actually changed the course of the history of civilization. Had the Persians won, Europe would be a quite different place today. It was the Greeks that saved Europe and its culture from the Persian invasion.


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