Osama bin Laden Dead: Justice Done, Questions Remain

May 1, 2011, 8:59 pm


Osama bin Laden Dead was killed today by American troops in a firefight. That means he knew he was going to die, which I find immensely more satisfying than if he were to have been instantly incinerated by a Predator-launched missile and spared pain. Congratulations to our brave men and women in the American military.

Why was bin Laden able to “hide,” basically out in the open, in Pakistan? There must’ve been collusion between Pakistan’s Islamist elements and al-Qaeda. In his announcement of bin Laden’s death tonight, President Obama said Pakistan had cooperated in the operation to kill al-Qaeda’s leader. My gut tells me that was political lip-service to Pakistan. More likely, the U.S. military told Pakistan, “Get out of our way or else!”

And why did Obama have to mention the, “We’re not at war with Islam,” bull-sh*t. Bin Laden was an evil criminal. All free-thinking people should be relieved. The U.S. certainly doesn’t have to cater to any special interest group and/or apologize for killing the world’s #1 scum-bag.

We’ll see as more info comes out. Justice has been done. G#d bless America.

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