Shrinking a democratic country, Israel, and justifying it with both Marxist and Nazi platitudes

May 27, 2011, 1:44 pm


By Gary Gerofsky

What surprised me more about President Obama’s speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) than its content was the way the audience fawned all over him and clapped at his every platitude. It was like a meeting of the Soviet Politburo in the 1960′s. He reiterated his views on shrinking Israel (with land swaps but he knows that Israel has no significant amount of land to swap). America, he assured us, will be at Israel’s side during this entire process to hold her hand as she gets used to the inconvenient truth, based in Marxist ideology, that the proletariat (the Palestinians) need more room to expand at the expense of the successful bourgeoisie Israelis. Building a new country not based on Western standards and without asking it to stop its annihilationist charters and Islamist conquest is fine with the Obami. Israel is being asked to turn over the keys to people who have in mind its future destruction.

The AIPAC audience was very relieved to hear that Big Brother “O” would be watching over Israel during this painful transition to an indefensible city-state with half a capital. The “peace” concept is that of an internationally-recognized hudna (a Muslim tactical ceasefire for the purposes of regrouping before again attacking the enemy) with more to be resolved in terms of right-of-return and land after the major portion of Israel is turned over to its enemies. Perhaps the audience was gratified because Obama said he would not allow the proletariat to massacre the people of Israel. The audience knows that his promises are for window-dressing only and cannot be effectively implemented on the ground when one lives within the borders of an indefensible spit of land.

The revolution that Obama is proposing is one being carefully managed by the U.S. State Department who are helping to fulfill the Islamic master plan — ridding the world of a severe impediment to their self-esteem and religious superiority over all mankind. It is incredible that Diaspora Jews do not understand that they are being used as pawns. Perhaps they fear that they will be next in line for the same treatment from the administration and so they are trying to prevent that scenario in America by agreeing with Obama’s foreign policy of promoting Islamic religious and political aspirations.

Lessons are learned very slowly and sometimes the wrong lessons are learned over time. On October 6, 1943 a group of rabbis, organized by the Bergson Group, marched on Washington looking for intervention by the U.S. to save European Jewry. Prominent Jewish spokesmen under Stephan Wise thwarted their efforts and undermined their message by pointing out that this kind of action would incite anti-Semitism in America. The “prominent” Jewish leaders did all they could to marginalize and discredit the rabbis. We know what happened to the Jews of Europe and we know now that those selfish efforts to make conditions just right for Jewish leaders in America also resulted in many more deaths because of the forced silence imposed on American Jews.

To me, AIPAC and mainstream Jewish groups are falling into the same moral dilemma as happened 68 years ago. Do they support the President with a few token members of their community in his posse in exchange for their acceptance of his plans for Israel or do they protest to save Israel? The Jewish people must act now while they still have good support from Congress. If they go along with the plan to sell out Israel, then no Congress will be able to fix the damage.

Tom Freidman recently wrote a column in which he calls on Palestinians to have weekly “peaceful marches” to Jerusalem to pressure the Israeli government for a final solution. Jack Engelhard in an article entitled, “Bibi to World–Swap This!” says that the language we are now hearing — “swaps,” “transfers,” and “solution” — are words straight out of Nazi Germany’s final solution. These words ought to be sending haunting alarm bells to those folks at AIPAC; the same people clapping their hands together for Obama’s solution. And Tom Freidman is a shill, attempting to convince America that this time the “final solution” is a good one because it is contained in the Saudi plan. Tom likes the Saudis but does he or Fareed Zakaria, who stated on CNN that Netanyahu is wrong and missed a great opportunity to engage “peaceful” Palestinians, want bombs hurled into the school yard’s of their children? Freidman and Zakaria don’t mind that the Israelis have to live with violence — and Obama is not asking them to stop terrorism as a precondition to any agreement.

The problem is that everyone is pretending that they know what’s best for the region when in fact they do not. It is not their business. Wishful thinking and ignoring reality does not constitute normal foreign policy which is now off the rails. Marxist ideology plays a strong role in this — the “powerful” Israel, in Zakaria’s view, can withstand a bad deal that will reduce it to Auschwitz lines because it is strong. The rationale goes like this: Make it impossible for Israel to survive and punish it for its success in defending itself and in creating a great nation despite the enemies arrayed against it. The world punishes strength, democratic values and productive countries but rewards those engaged in terror, a violent path to destruction, and in targeting the bourgeoisie (the West). We have grown weak and susceptible to pressure from media and leftist groups who are anti-Israel, anti-establishment, anti-success, anti-progress and anti-capitalist. They choose their enemies carefully and politically. They ignore real suffering in the world and the fact that the only ones addressing this suffering are the countries of the West which they hate for being successful economically and socially.

Israel has a real challenge now that America has a president fixated on making his career out of a “peace” deal that will, if implemented, harm or destroy Israel. Marxist terminology is being used to make the case for the Islamists and the language of social nationalists of the 1930′s is being brought back in the most sickening ways to describe Israel and to impose a “solution” on Jews. This is not a situation that AIPAC or anyone else ought to be applauding — it is something we must work to reverse before it is too late.

Mr. Gerofsky is a teacher and educational technologist in Canada.

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