Panetta insults Israel: “Get back to the damn table”

December 3, 2011, 12:52 pm


By Gary Gerofsky

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta: Get back to your damn office and do some serious homework! You and your administration have now become the enablers of the worst ideologies that the Middle East has to offer and you are abusing your only reliable ally in the region and throwing Israel under the bus to ingratiate your administration to a dangerous new group of dictators along with the existing miserable bunch.

There is not one leader in the Muslim world who does not want Israel destroyed. Some want to do so before the Palestinians gain more strategic land that will reduce Israel to Auschwitz borders, others are willing to wait — none, including the Palestinian-Hamas alliance, care about peace or a “home” for their people; they care only about destroying Israel, a spit of Jewish land in the Islamic Middle Eastern land/sea. Mr. Panetta, you know that Israel is threatened with annihilation by Iran and yet you push Israel into unilateral self-immolation and downsizing, asking nothing from the Arabs, insisting that Israel miraculously cure (with Jewish self-sacrifice) the evils of Islamist hate against Israel that has consumed Islam for generations and is inscribed in its texts.

Mr. Panetta, here is what you and Obama ought to do if you are as serious about peace as you pretend to be: Insist that the Palestinians break from Hamas and then break Hamas with sanctions and raids on their tunnels and weapons caches. Do the same in Lebanon with Hezbollah. If you think that the military option is the last resort for Iran then you must get serious about sanctions and blockade Iranian oil going out of Iran and refined petroleum products into Iran. Start targeting the leadership and mullahs of Iran — this one step will prevent thousands, if not millions, of deaths at the hands of men whose belief in death, terror and inhuman acts make them enemies of world freedom, with the same agenda as Hitler.

The risks that you ask of Israel show that US foreign policy has shifted to the destruction of Israel and I would recommend Israel not to involve America in any negotiations or interference. The USA wants peace for one reason only — to make Obama look like the peace maker that he is not and to retroactively earn him the Nobel Peace Prize that was bestowed on him prematurely. Obama has turned out to be the war president, choosing to empower his Islamist friends at the expense of American interests — a policy that promises to enslave millions of people in Egypt and other countries where the Islamic contagion is sweeping through the region. Mr. Panetta, how can this be good for America and the world? I realize that you do not care what impact your views and directives have on Israel because your administration is in a punishing mood with regard to Israel, where every new home and business there being scrutinized and stopped because you have decided that Israel belongs to Muslims. Mr. Panetta, please save your rhetoric and remonstrations about how close the relationship is between the USA and Israel because we all know this to be an old, worn tactic designed to garner votes from American Jews who are often as destructively confused about their self-interests as you happen to be.

It is time for Israel to develop new allies and markets. Africa, India, and other parts of the world that are under constant attack by Islamists or on the Islamic hit list are natural allies. There needs to be a coalition to prevent the conquest by Islam — not only military but more often than not a forceful push to Islamicize non-Muslim nations. The Islamists are not as naive and stupid as some in the West who do not even see what is happening despite the signs and the changes being made behind our backs within our own institutions. It is hard to fight these changes if the prevailing attitude at the top is that Islam is just another peaceful religion like all the others and that America must make amends by supporting the most radical elements within Islam, alienating moderates (if they exist) and silencing critics.

I am all for peace and reconciliation but that peace must be part of a radical re-thinking of the problem. What has prevented peace is not that land is not available to Arab refugees — in fact, there is an abundance of land and resources in the surrounding Arab countries that is lacking in Israel. What has prevented peace is the belief, growing stronger and more irrational as time goes on, that all concessions and sacrifices must be made only by Israel. I believe that Israel can do a great deal to re-settle Arabs but Arabs must first come to the realization that after years of the entire Middle East suffering under anti-Semitic warring regimes who do not want peace nor want to welcome and integrate their own people into their countries, that it is not Israel that has prevented fair settlement, it has been their own leaders and beliefs. This situation is now further from resolution because of the unfolding Arab tragedy that has despicable dictators being replaced by Islamo-fascists of a worse nature than the dictators.

The only cure for turmoil is hard medicine and sticking to our own Western values and interests and honoring our own Judeo-Christian ethics. We must insist on making the situation better for the people of the region. This means we have to reject governments, even if they are based on elections, in places like Egypt if the end result is increasing violence, less freedom and an Islamist agenda that will start out gentle but quickly become hell for its people and neighbours. Remember, Hitler was also brought to power through propaganda and elections.

Israel needs allies at a time when its greatest ally, the USA, has abandoned it and sides with leftists and Islamists who want to boycott and punish Israel into submission so that Islam, the religion that demands submission, can take over the entire Middle East and beyond. I hope that the next administration is able to reverse the damage done and I hope that Israel’s enemies do not see the waning days of the Obama debacle as an opportunity to strike… while Leon Panetta and Obama are lecturing Israel on what it must do to satisfy the demands of Islam.

Mr. Gerofsky is a teacher and educational technologist in Canada.

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