Obama apologizes for Muslim savagery and intolerance while American soldiers are killed

February 23, 2012, 9:00 pm


… Evidence so far indicates that no malice was intended in the Koran-burning at the [Afghan] air base, Doug Wilson, the Pentagon’s assistant secretary for public affairs, said today.

“We do not believe that this was something where those involved intended to burn the Koran as a religious document,["] Wilson said. …

“After 10 years, incidents such as this have been extremely rare,” he said. “No matter how serious this was, no one should necessarily extrapolate a broader trend about how our armed forces in Afghanistan are poised to treat religious and cultural materials.” …

- Bloomberg, Feb 23, 2012

President Obama has completely lost it. His “perspective” is reversed — upside down. Intolerant Muslim savages are again on a murderous rampage simply because some American kid accidentally burned a book. Remember Muslim madness over the silly Mohammed cartoons? A crazed Afghan killed two American soldiers today because of this non-”incident,” and all’s Barack Obama can do is apologize to whom; the Taliban? 1,883 American soldiers have been killed trying to bring civilization to Afghanistan. It is the Afghan president and civic groups who should be apologizing to the U.S. for their own barbarism and bigotry. The book which was burned was the Koran, but nonetheless, just a collection of paper pages. President Obama should be ashamed of his “apology.”

Oh, ye of little (nonexistent) faith. Are your “Islamic” beliefs so shallow that you would once again commit murder because some icon or object is accidentally destroyed? People of true faith have the strength and courage to remain civilized in the face of any tribulation — because their beliefs are rooted in their hearts, minds, and souls, and not dependent on mere objects. True believers are also unshaken by the acts of hooligans. Do these barbaric Afghans even know what they are rampaging about? Do they have any feelings of conscientiousness, forgiveness, and/or compassion? Do they only understand violence and hatred? You can’t shake my faith by burning my flag or my Bible or my Constitution — I’ll only dig my heals in because my faith tells me that civilization and the pen are mightier than any sword.

In 2001, the Taliban terrorist group so popular among Afghans, destroyed, “all ancient sculptures [in their country]. Explosives, tanks, and anti-aircraft weapons blew apart two colossal images of the Buddha in Bamiyan Province, 230 kilometers (150 miles) from the capital of Kabul.” Buddha was the Prince of Peace. Just read his words. He never condoned violence or intolerance.

Afghanistan was the staging ground for the 9/11 atrocity where the Taliban gave safe haven to the evil al-Qaeda plotters. These Afghan terrorists have murdered thousands of innocents and are the ultimate misogynists: “No place has been more synonymous with oppression of women in recent history than Afghanistan under the Taliban…” They stoned a woman to death for “being seen out with a man.”

To heck with Afghanistan and President Obama. If the Taliban hurt us or our friends, we can carpet bomb them from the air. President Obama should be voted out of office for his misjudgement and cowardice. Oh, by the way Mr. Obama, your “apology” — your weakness — will only encourage more violence: “Taliban leaders called on Afghans to ignore the apologies and step up attacks against Americans.”

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