Civilization 101: How to expose a Muslim Brotherhood fascist in 2:45 min

February 24, 2012, 8:00 pm


Want to know how to talk to an Islamo-fascist and expose his soft-spoken but dangerous agenda to spread Sharia’s barbarity (Islamic “law”)? Just watch this excellent exchange. The Islamo-fascist publicly admits he wants Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist — non-Muslim “infidel” — Americans to live as third-class citizens (dhimmis) under Sharia. He admits he wants to destroy democracy. He gets told to shove off, as it should be:

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One Response to “Civilization 101: How to expose a Muslim Brotherhood fascist in 2:45 min”

  1. Nancy Says:

    The twin fascisms that causes most massacres, wars, “conflicts” today:
    Arabism is racism (Arab racism, Arab-apartheid)

    Millions upon Millions are/became victims of [pan-] Arabism which is the worst current form of racism in its gigantic proportions, like: Kurds (especially in Iraq and in Syria); Asians (as slaves in mamy Arab countries, especially the Gulf States); Bedoons (in Kuwait); al-Akhdam (in Yemen), gypsies (in Jordan); Jews (not just in Israel); Berbers (the real natives of North Africa); Africans (not just in the genocide in the Sudan, or in oppression by Afro-Arabs on natives in Mauritania or in Somalia, or in Egypt on native Nubians by Arab invaders – till today, or in most Arab countries being treated as abid/slave); Persians, etc.

    Islamism is bigotry (Islamofascism, Islamic-apartheid)!

    The Islamic supremacy that “works” towards its vision of “final Islamic domination on the entire planet”, from Middle east to Africa from Asia to Eurabia, from forced conversions, terrorism, & massacres in multiple countries (like: Thailand, Philippines, China, Indonesia, Tunisia, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon India, USA, France, Israel, Russia, UK, etc.) to propaganda, the war includes on Muslims who are not radical enough…

    Not to mention the ‘routine’ persecution of Christians even in “moderate” Arab countries.

    Let’s face it! that entire war on Israel & the Jews since the 1920′s by infamous fascist Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini who started the “genocide campaign” [and continues by the children, grand children of Arab immigrants into Israel - Palestine - now conveniently called "Palestinians"] in a clear outlined declaration to ‘kill all Jews’, is nothing but out of pure Arab Muslim bigotry.

    Why does biased media blame Israel defenders from vicious Arab Muslims who use civilians when they attack Israeli civilians… so that their civilians (they prefer kids to) die, then parade with the casualties as “innocent victims”???

    While the Islamo Arab dictatorship (& real Apartheid upon the non-Arabs, non-Muslims) goes on…
    Israeli [ungrateful] Arabs won’t mention FAVORITISM by democratic pluralistic multi-racial Israel in: land, courts & universities. By the same token, the totalitarian & mullahcracy dictators of Iran with its Hezbollah thugs & militant “Palestine” anti-freedom forces cast their genocide plan under “freedom fighting.”

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