Terrorist Suspects ‘Connected’ to Occupy Cleveland; Occupy Tries to Spin; Violence at Rallies

May 1, 2012, 11:05 am


Occupy Cleveland canceled a scheduled rally Tuesday after a group of men connected to the organization were arrested by the FBI. …

newsnet5.com, Scripps TV Station Group, 5/1/12

These “group of men” — terrorist thugs — “…had planted what were believed to be explosive devices under the Ohio 82 bridge over Cuyahoga Valley National Park as part of a May Day protest today.” Note that, “More than 13,000 vehicles travel over the bridge each day…” These guys wanted blood, and I emphasize that:

FBI officials today said that while the members of a group arrested in an attempt to blow up a bridge over the Cuyahoga Valley National Park were also involved in the Occupy Cleveland movement, that organization is not under federal investigation. …

Yeah, yeah… Keep in mind the mantra of everyone in prison which goes, “I was framed; I’m innocent.” Here are some tidbits to consider:

… A member of Occupy Cleveland said he saw all five suspects at a meeting for the organization Sunday [two days ago]. He said he considered three of them friends and they never talked about anything violent with him.

Three of the suspects had references to Occupy Cleveland on what appeared to be their Facebook pages. Brandon Baxter, Joshua Stafford and Tony Hayne all said on Facebook that they worked at #OccupyCleveland and live in Cleveland, Ohio. …

Listen to this liability-limiting, pseudo-legal babble:

… Bomb plot suspect Brandon Baxter came to a Jobs with Justice “spring training” event this year to learn about non-violent action, [Debbie Kline of Jobs with Justice, an "Occupy" organizer] said.

“When you’re in a movement, you can’t kick people out when they are volunteers,” Kline said. “These five were acting on their own, they didn’t have any part of the greater movement.”

“There are ‘fringey’ people all over the place.” …

Paradysz Matera

Actually, you can legally, “kick people out when they are volunteers” — that is, if you have any moral scruples and take the time to write up an organizational charter. Most philanthropic organizations require would-be volunteers to fill out an application before they can start. The application usually lays out rules and regulations and has a termination clause. The applications are vetted by responsible organizations.

I had to fill out an application to volunteer for a county park system. I had to fill out an application to volunteer for the National Park Service. I had to fill out an application to volunteer at a local horse farm (equine therapy).

Here’s a smattering of “Occupy” violence recorded today (communist, anarchist May Day, of course):

… In Oakland, police using tear gas confronted a protest of about 400 downtown. Nine were arrested and at least one demonstrator was reportedly tasered. Protesters blocked streets throughout the day and vandalized two banks in the area. A news van and police vehicle were also vandalized. …

The evening before hundreds gathered in the Mission District. As the group began to march through the streets, some protesters began breaking car windows, spray-painting anarchist symbols on restaurants and attacking a police station. …

Letters containing a white powder that turned out to be cornstarch were sent to various New York banks and media outlets, and one was sent to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, reports the Associated Press. …

Mayor Mike McGinn authorized a seizure of potential weapons after crowds of vandals dressed in black and brandishing flag poles smashed up businesses like Niketown and a Well Fargo bank branch downtown, reports the Seattle Times. …

Protesters also took out their anger at the U.S. Court of Appeals building, shooting paint balls at it, shattering glass doors, and attempting to ignite an incendiary device. …

Bottom line: The “Occupy” movement is made up mostly of slackers who want government/corporate handouts because they’re too lazy to work. Look at their protests. They don’t do anything except lay around, maybe chant, and trash the areas they occupy. Now we find that there are violent, terrorist lazy slackers who are willing to commit savage acts of violence to get government/corporate handouts.

Those of us who work for living don’t have the luxury of laying around downtown doing nothing for months at a time. Those of us who are civilized take action by lobbying our elected representatives, voting, getting informed, voting as shareholders, or volunteering at national parks.

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  1. Guy Jolly Says:

    Keep watching FOX News and absorbing the bullshit into your pathetic mind.

  2. publisher Says:

    This story contains no links (sources) to “FOX News.” Most of the info comes a local Cleveland TV station and newspaper. Note that Cleveland is an old union town, so you’re the one quoting the party line and accusing us of being stereotypical.

    Are you capable of independent and critical thinking? Can you engage in a civil discussion?

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