Democrats boo God and Israel at convention [VIDEO]

September 5, 2012, 7:08 pm


At their national convention in Charlotte, N.C., “Democrats had approved a platform on Tuesday that made no mention of God or Jerusalem,” according to the AP. Even President Obama took note of these “omissions,” and he, “personally intervened to order Democrats to change language in their party platform to add a mention of God and declare that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, campaign officials said Wednesday.” Despite the party’s top man trying to perform damage control:

The platform changes did not sit well with some Democratic delegates gathered in Charlotte, N.C., for the party’s three-day convention. Many in the audience booed after the convention chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, ruled that the amendments had been approved despite the fact that a large group of delegates had objected. He called for a vote three times before ruling. [Watch video below.]

That’s how extreme the Democratic Party has become, banning G#d and attacking Israel during their national convention. This behavior is what one might expect from hardcore Marxist-Leninists, not the party which produced great politicos like Harry S. Truman and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Of course, most Democrats at the convention are extremists, completely out of touch with main street U.S.A. More than 9 in 10 Americans believe in God, while “sympathy for Israel was 61% compared to 19% for the Palestinians,” as measured by Gallup in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

This pathetic behavior is another example of how far Left the Democratic Party has swung, hopefully enough to get President Obama and many Democrats thrown out of the White House and Congress in the November elections, respectively.

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2 Responses to “Democrats boo God and Israel at convention [VIDEO]”

  1. stanchaz Says:

    The Democrats do not need to “restore” God.
    For they are not hypocrites like the Republicans.
    They LIVE their values. Honestly.
    But the Republicans real god is MONEY,
    and THEIR saints are those who have LOTS of it….and want it ALL.
    Those Republicans who would destroy Social Security & voucher Medicare to death,
    who would cut Pell grants, and who readily admit they “don’t care about the very poor”
    should stop, remember, and take to heart the ancient words so relevant for today:
    “Whatsoever you do for the least of these – you do for me”.
    There is God in each of us. And that is why we are bound to each other.
    If we do not believe that, and act upon that – then we are lost.
    The Catholic Bishops agreed : The politics of Romney/Ryan masquerades as values
    …while harming those who are most at risk.
    Their budget does not praise God – it mocks God, it defiles God. And man…

  2. publisher Says:

    Don’t make me laugh. Obama was surrounded by terrorists during his formative political years. Democrats like Michael Moore own stock in Halliburton and Boeing. Obama’s beholden to many, many, many rich people — household names:

    Muhammad Ali[261]
    Sugar Shane Mosley[175]
    Floyd Mayweather[262]
    Willie Mays[190]
    Jeff Brotman, Founder of Costco[120]
    James Sinegal, Founder and former CEO of Costco[121]
    Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of[20]
    Jon Corzine, Former CEO of Goldman Sachs, CEO and Chairman of MF Global, Former Governor of New Jersey and US Senator[20]
    Ari Emanuel, CEO of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment[20]
    Nathaniel Fick, CEO of the Center for a New American Security, author of One Bullet Away, a New York Times best seller[90]
    Bill Gates, Microsoft founder and CEO[122]
    David Geffen, Founder of Asylum Records, Geffen Records, and DGC Records; cofounder of DreamWorks SKG[20]
    Berry Gordy, Founder of the Motown record label[123]
    Steven J. Green, former CEO and Chairman of Samsonite Corporation and United States Ambassador to Singapore[85]
    Gary Hirshberg, Chairman, President, and CEO of Stonyfield Farm[124]
    James Lassiter[21]
    Kevin Liles, Former executive Vice President of Warner Music Group[125]
    Michael Lynton, Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment[123]
    Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation[126]
    Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder and CEO[127]
    Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo[128]
    Mike Medavoy, Chairman and CEO of Phoenix Pictures[123]
    Wolfgang Puck, Chef and Restaurant Mogul[129]
    Tom Rothman, Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment[21]
    Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook[130]
    Russell Simmons, Cofounder of Def Jam[125]
    Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google[131]
    Steve Westly, Venture Capitalist and Fmr. California State Controller[21]
    Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway[132]
    Alan K. Cobbs, CEO of
    Tory Burch[133]
    Georgina Chapman[134]
    Keren Craig[134]
    Prabal Gurung[135]
    Derek Lam[136]
    Tina Knowles[137]
    Thakoon Panichgul[138]
    Tracy Reese[139]
    Narciso Rodriguez[140]
    Rachel Roy[125]
    Alexander Wang[141]
    Vera Wang[125]
    Jason Wu[142]
    Mariela Castro[150]
    Sandra Fluke[151]
    Lilly Ledbetter[152]
    Susan Saint James[153]
    Al Sharpton[154]
    Gloria Steinem[155]
    Jessica Alba[163]
    Richard Dean Anderson[164]
    David Arquette[165]
    Scott Bakula[164]
    Alec Baldwin[164]
    Antonio Banderas[166]
    Elizabeth Banks[167]
    John Barrowman[168]
    Angela Bassett[169]
    Meredith Baxter
    Maria Bello[153]
    Jim Belushi[170]
    Jack Black[171]
    Alexis Bledel[172]
    Zach Braff[173]
    Connie Britton[153]
    James Brolin[129]
    Nick Cannon[174]
    Kate Capshaw[164]
    Don Cheadle[175]
    Kristin Chenoweth[153]
    John Cho[164]
    George Clooney[164]
    Jamie Lee Curtis[176]
    Tyne Daly[153]
    Matt Damon[177]
    Robert De Niro[169]
    Johnny Depp
    Danny DeVito[171]
    Leonardo DiCaprio[178]
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