Fighting the age of irrationality

November 13, 2012, 8:58 pm


By Gary Gerofsky

There are many examples today of irrational behaviour on a grand scale. Those of us not engaged in this mass irrationality feel very alone in the world — especially after Obama was handily elected to a second term as U.S. president. People no longer act in their own best interests or the interests of their friends and family — they seem to be acting in the best interests of other groups; groups identified by the mainstream media (MSM) as underdogs, regardless of the fact that these so-called “underdogs” want to transform us into miserable slaves of some totalitarian religion or crazy political belief system.

We are constantly being told that terrorism is merely a series of isolated incidents without any ideological or religious basis. Those peddling this drivel ignore the daily pictures of death and destruction from Islamic countries. The concrete evidence of such chaos is disconnected from the sanguine assessments of pundits who seem completely and contemptuously oblivious to the big picture as they delve into deep wishful thinking and false hope, presenting us pap that dangerously ignores the truth and reality of world affairs.

The mainstream media (MSM) has been very successful at presenting false hope and covering up anything that might have impinged on the reality of the first four Obama years. The media distorted the entire story of what took place in Libya and Egypt and the people behind the deception and cover up, e.g., the shameful and preventable murder of U.S. Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi. Even Mitt Romney played his part in this deception by not touching topics that were unpleasant or that he thought might show him as a hardliner — meekly afraid of labels such as “radical” and “offensive” used by the MSM to paint all people who do not subscribe to their left-wing belief system.

In my own community we see more and more examples of weakness, arrogance and ignorance as Jewish communities refuse to confront Islamist and leftist enemies in any meaningful way, still fighting the perceived threat from the Right while ignoring the blatant and obvious Islamo-fascists swamping our schools, universities, and communities with blood-libels and anti-Israel lies. The Islamists make alliances with the useful idiots, anti-Semites, and anti-Western anarchists abundant on the Left.

Islamists tell the world that they want death, destruction, and to wipe out all traces of non-Muslim history, religion, art, architecture, and culture. Genocidal leaders find top positions in the U.N. The horrors abound and nobody says anything. When Israel wants to build homes on their biblical and historical land, all and sundry take offense as if that land belongs to everyone but the Jews. The anti-Semitic Islamists use lies to explain away Islamic passages in their Koran and Hadith exhorting Muslims to kill all Jews and all non-Muslims while simultaneously denigrating non-Islamic civilization. They then force others to follow their lead using fear, rape, abuse, and torture to prevent apostasy. (The Hadith are a collection of commentary on the Koran.)

The biggest mystery of all is why Islam is growing and why anyone would find solace in a religion that is so violent; so wedded to apartheid; so intolerant of women; so domineering; and so suppressive of art, music, culture, religion and thought outside of its own brutal tenets. The golden years for Islam were all but golden for non-Muslims; however, some would like to whitewash Islamic civilizations of the past as utopian oases for Jews, Hindus, Christians and others — all part of a strategy to make Islam seem like the “religion of peace.”

I do not say that all Muslims behave according to their books — if that were the case then there would be a lot more of us dying at their hands. What I do say is that Islam is a problem, concern, and threat to both Muslims and non-Muslims. I do not subscribe to the idea that “moderate” Muslims will save the day. Although I have heard and read at least 10 Muslim moderates who believe that Islam must change its ways and focus, these people get no support from anyone, least of all from the Obama administration. Obama and friends support radical Islam and has ongoing dialogue with the most radical extremists such as the Muslim Brotherhood, all at the expense and threat to the lives of the very small minority of Muslims who want change and peace.

As a member of a free, fair, democratic, and bountiful country, I want to tell Muslims to stop teaching their children to hate others as an Islamic school was caught doing recently at a Mosque near Toronto. I want to tell Muslims that they do not need to put down and kill others; these acts of murder make them inferior, not superior. I want to tell them that they have been blessed with enough land and resources and to make the best of what they have. Why are they coveting the 1% of the Middle East that they do not own just because it is not under Islamic rule? I want to tell them to revise their texts to remove portions targeting others with death threats and hate. The longer they focus on the war against the civilization of others, the more barbaric they become. Iran has fallen into the category of the barbaric. So have all the Islamic terrorist groups throughout the world.

What can we do as individuals to stop the irrational and to begin to focus on the reality of the world situation? Firstly, when people say that they want to kill us and then prove themselves by doing so wherever Westerns set foot, we must believe them at their word. Secondly, we must begin to challenge the propaganda on university campuses and in the community by educating ourselves. We must stop complying with the ways of Islam for the sake of multiculturalism and a predilection for quaint cultural differences among people. Thirdly, we must extol the virtues of our own exceptionalism in the West, restoring the pride in our own cultures, law and order, democracies, institutions, and freedoms. Fourthly, we must challenge the mainstream media when they invite “experts” belonging to groups that defend the Islamization of the West and the whitewashing of Islam. We need our own strong and educated spokespeople to present the truth without being branded as “racists” for standing up for our right not to be targeted and killed by people whose 7th century tomes have us all in the crosshairs.

Finally, we need to ask ourselves what happened to the courage that our fathers and grandfathers displayed when they went off to Europe and the Pacific to fight and defeat fascism. We would never have tolerated groups making the case for Nazism in the 1930s and 1940s and so why are we allowing groups to make the case (without proper intervention) for Islamism? Why have we allowed the Obama administration to say that we are not at war with a religion that IS AT WAR WITH US?

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4 Responses to “Fighting the age of irrationality”

  1. Allan L Says:

    I have arguments with the “usefull idiots” almost every day. I can’t convince them that the west is in danger. They keep coming back with the, “not all muslims are like that” argument. The don’t want to hear that their way of life and freedoms are in danger. Maybe the alternative is so horrific that they don’t want to think about it.

  2. Dean Says:

    I don’t mind idiots provided they do not force their idiocy on me. It seems that the lunatics are in charge of the asylum these days; forcing their beliefs and stupidity on everyone else. In days of yore we would laugh at them and explain why they make no sense. Nowadays we stick microphones in their faces, honor them, make policy based on their wants and needs, and celebrate their nonsense. Due to rampant political correctness we dare not correct them because the MSM will label us as racist and intolerant. So when the useful idiots join forces with Islamists, the public has no way to remind them that they are idiots because now they have a violent religious-political group behind them to give them protection.

  3. publisher Says:

    The don’t want to hear that their way of life and freedoms are in danger. Maybe the alternative is so horrific that they don’t want to think about it.

    They’re afraid, very afraid of the Muslim mob. The useless idiots think they’ll be spared the Muslim sword (bombing, shooting, etc.) if they go on record as to how culturally sensitive they are to Muslims. They’re kowtowing will be of no use. Above all, Islamists despise weakness. If they succeed in establishing a world caliphate, the first people they’ll go after are the useless idiots because: 1) they figure if the useless idiots will betray their own nations, they’ll betray the caliphate; and, 2) they see the useless idiots as frightened sheep whom can be used to make an example of and terrorize the rest of the dhimmis.

  4. Dean Says:

    Agreed – the appeasers fear Islam and want to get on their “good” side. And yes, they will be the first to be abused and used as examples by Islamists because they are weak-minded, ignorant and defenseless and, as you say, “they will betray their own.” It is sickening to see these people on campuses (and they come in many sizes and descriptions but are almost entirely unified by their leftism) cheering those who have just made speeches condemning everything we respect as citizens of civilized nations. If they want barbarism I would welcome them all to leave for the more totalitarian lands where their freedoms will be stripped from them and then they will find out what the words “oppression” and “apartheid” mean in practice. As an aside: Go to hell Hamas, I hope that your terrorists learn that firing hundreds of missiles at your neighbor non-stop for years has some bitter and significant consequences.

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