UN: Get your blood-soaked, pro-totalitarian hands off the Internet

November 27, 2012, 5:50 pm


by Gary Gerofsky

The world now depends on the free flow of information. What is about to happen at the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from December 3-14 2012, will surely change the world in ways that most of us cannot imagine. Google is taking a lead in objecting to this massive invasion and grab for control over the now self-controlled Internet; the EU is none too happy either. Some national governments like China, Russia, and Middle Eastern countries, and certain power-hungry agencies such as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) want to wrest control of the Internet for a range of very bad reasons. We must speak up to stop the erosion of freedom.

Don’t let the technical acronym fool you, the ITU is really the UN in disguise. It wants to change the Internet into a dictator-friendly place where freedom of thought and expression and the open access to ideas, art, religion, culture, music, and all forms of unapproved expression are censored, regulated and fined; made comforting for Islam, communism, and dictators everywhere. Not only will totalitarians have power to prevent others from criticizing their tyranny, but so too will a UN-friendly Obama and Susan Rice who might throw you in jail for insulting dictators whom they favor and want to appease. Remember, coinciding with the proposed Internet takeover, the UN has been working tirelessly over the years to make criticism of religion (one religion in particular) an international crime.

I sometimes complain about why they can’t do something about the hate and mindless leftist ideology disseminated in so many dark places on the Internet. However, we must all — and that means people who hate too — enjoy the freedom to say what we want because the alternative is too ugly to consider. That alternative will be upon us now if we do not stop the UN from re-fashioning the uncontrolled Internet to the controlled Internet through the blood-stained halls of the UN along with their Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) friends determined to hi-jack the Internet in the same way they hi-jacked the UN. The proposed ITU changes will have far-reaching implications and shift the balance of power in favor of totalitarian entities over democratic states. It will shift the balance from individual rights to collective group rights; it will precipitate the growth of propaganda and protect movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

The ITU constitution recognizes the, “sovereign right of each state to regulate its telecommunication.” When applied to the Internet it means that individual states such as Russia or Iran will have a veto to demand sweeping changes to satisfy their own “needs” be met and implemented on a global scale. The Third World countries want to have the same kind of, “stick-it-to-the-developed-world,” power over the Internet as they now have over politics at the UN… and we all know what that means — more tyrants dictating to the world their agenda and distorting truth and morality in order to show themselves as reasonable as they re-direct criticism away from their own killing fields. The legitimate calls for changes and regulation will open the door as a first step towards UN control and that means political control, political bias, suppression of freedoms, and financial control shifting from free countries to despots. There are no leaders in the free world who seem to care about freedom these days — they care more about giving away their freedom to the UN.

Once again this conference is being used to take power away from the U.S. and to re-distribute money from “rich” to poor. This is similar to the concept of paying carbon taxes to undeveloped countries only on a much greater scale. The Internet has been one of those technologies which has benefited all, rich and poor, but now the UN wants to use it as a battle ground for class warfare and wealth re-distribution. It all fits in with Obama’s belief that America is no longer exceptional. While they try to shrink America’s exceptionalism, they work to enhance the UN’s exceptionalism and Obama does not seem to mind. Putting up electronic barriers to information will make the Internet an expense that many cannot afford — transforming it from the affordable and open-source platform it is today.

If the new measures are adopted we will have a UN-controlled Internet that will fill the pockets of leaders but make Internet access for individuals in poorer countries too limited and restricted. It will allow dictators a convenient firewall to keep suppressing those living under their hellish rule. They will be empowered to close off access to their people. It will give totalitarians the right to demand that we in the West not show anything that offends their sensibilities. It will shift the balance of cyber-power from the U.S. to nations that want to preserve religious and political domination. It will work in concert with the UN’s agenda to make criticism of Islam illegal. Stop the UN from gaining the power to take away our freedom!

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3 Responses to “UN: Get your blood-soaked, pro-totalitarian hands off the Internet”

  1. Dean Says:

    Some useful links:



  2. Pat Henry Says:

    The perfect tool; control the message, control the masses. And the UN with its mix of tyrants and demi-tyrant minions sayith; `behold, I hath given you a virtual Iron Curtain to rule over your flock`. And the masses tried raising their voices saying; `Give me freedom or———–MESSAGE DELIVERY FAILED

  3. publisher Says:

    It’s Orwellian, and with Obama “leading” the U.S., Europe becoming Eurabia, and all the petro/happy-meal dollars backing the dictators, this is one scary time.

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