The stench of evil from the United Nations

December 1, 2012, 11:49 am


By Gary Gerofsky

Why are UN members always applauding the worst scoundrels on the face of the planet? Why do they constantly support terror organizations, totalitarian dictators, and decisions leading to future war? What is in it for those nations pushing for the camaraderie of another terror state and cohort member of the UN group who will enslave his people with Islamism, terrorism, and other forms of repression? Do we not already have too many? Why does the UN find democracy, freedom, and success so abhorrent and detestable? These questions have been on my mind recently as I watched Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, with a doctorate of Jew-hate, receive the approval for his future state from the general assembly. Note: The Palestinian Authority is a terrorist group in control of the West Bank.

What the UN is granting the Palestinians is another opportunity to use and abuse criminal courts, international institutions, and the world stage to defend their rights to terrorize Israel. The UN, now under the repressive influence of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), has sunk to new lows as it grants a subset of the OIC, the terrorist entities, the means to influence the entire UN. As the UN destroys all vestiges of its moral standards, it has become the spokesman for and defender of terror. The war on terror must involve an ideological war on the UN. This means that every country that respects law and order, and democracy and freedom, must do the right thing by leaving the UN. The UN now inhabits the same caves and enclaves where the Taliban, Hezbollah, and Hamas take refuge. This institution is one with the jihadists (so-called Muslim “holy warriors” against all non-Muslims).

One of the noted dangers of this recent UN obscenity is that the Palestinians (and that would include Hamas, the Islamist, Palestinian group controlling Gaza) will have access to the international criminal court. In normal times the complaints of terror groups would have been disregarded as trash and rejected as nonsense, just as frivolous lawsuits from jailed murderers against victims’ families are normally thrown out. These days, however, it would not surprise me if a politically-motivated court made up of European elites decided to hear and then rule in favor of Hamas against Israel, regardless of the insanity of their charges. Note that the Palestinians are also legally vulnerable on everything from: the 1972 Munich Massacre of Israeli Olympic athletes; to the mass declaration of terror known as the “intifadas” waged against Israel; and, to the two Gaza wars waged against Israel. Palestinians can also be taken to court. But when a decision would be reached and assuming that it went against them, Palestinians would just declare that they do not recognize the court’s decision, just as Islamic terrorists do not respect the decisions of Western courts that are not sharia- (Islamic law-) compliant. They will use lawfare against us but reject lawfare used against them because they are terrorists and liars and will only accept decisions that advance their jihad (Muslim “holy war”), rejecting all other decisions as products of the “Zionist conspiracy.” Palestinians will use the idiots on the Left as long as it goes their way.

The most angering aspect of the vote was that many Europeans gleefully voted in favor of a terror state next to Israel. Would they have voted for a terror state next to their own borders or is it okay for Israel to have terrorism in its backyard but not in European centres? Actually, Europeans are allowing so many Islamic immigrants that they probably have to make these kinds of decisions in favor of Islamists or face the wrath of jihad. The same countries that wiped out millions of Jews in the 20th century just voted to wipe them out once again via their Palestinian proxies. In this current millennia, such policies are implemented to satisfy and appease the endless appetite for anti-Semitism among the growing Islamic citizenry of European nations.

The noose is tightening around Gaza and the West Bank more than it is tightening around Israel. Israel has had to develop a thriving and inventive defense against their neighbors and no country in the world is able to defend itself with so few casualties among its enemies and its citizens. The anger of Islamists, steeped in the books that call for death to Jews, when it comes to a boil, will be expressed as internal violence, Muslim-on-Muslim, because terrorists will not have the same kind of access to kill Israelis as they once had. The control Israel has over security is not full-proof but is it astonishingly superior to what anyone else has. Israeli training methods are superb. The UN countries voting for a Palestinian terror state will have to wait a long time before their dream of a Jew-free Middle East is realized. Palestinians, if they cannot come to grasp with their own state of degeneration, will destroy themselves from within, and they deserve no less if they cannot put aside their anti-Semitism for the betterment of their people. They have a lot to learn from Israel should they ever decide to join civilization, rather than use the UN to help hide and shelter them from the positive advancements of civilized behaviour.

One day, and it has already started to happen, the UN will turn on Canada and the US and Britain in the same way that they now tear into the flesh of Israel. Those who think that Israel does not feel the pain of having the majority of countries turn on them like mad dogs would be mistaken. No country respects law and rules and the concept of a universal body representing good and freedom more than Israel. Ironically, because of Islamic pressure, the UN has turned away from its roots as a do-gooder and has become a tool used by the OIC to bludgeon the West and implement sharia. The Third World countries go along with the plan because they think that there might be something in it for them or because at the present there are no negative consequences for voting as a block with the OIC. As Islamic countries make slaves out of Third World countries with their advance armies of Al Qaeda and Hezbollah fighters — along with Qataris, Turks, Iranians, etc. — The Third world will wonder why they did not side with freedom when they had a chance. They will then find themselves voting with the OIC block because they have been overtaken and enslaved by that block.

The only vote that the UN must hear loud and clear is a vote of “no” when asked if member states want to remain as members. The UN is not irrelevant, it is evil. The only way to make it irrelevant is to leave it alone in its evil and misery.

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