Fareed Zakaria wants to end the war on terror and replace it with nothing

December 9, 2012, 2:07 pm


By Gary Gerofsky

The CNN-appointed 5th estate “expert” on foreign affairs now wants an end to the war on terrorism. That is what he said in his op-ed piece on CNN today (December 9th, 2012). Fareed dismisses the war as immoral, impractical, and unnecessary without saying what will replace it. Knowing Fareed, he wants to replace counterterrorism with a universal joining of hands in an international love-fest that will erase all hate and anger. Such is the ignorance and naiveté of the mainstream media.

Fareed is a unilateralist, believing that the West is in complete control and that every action and reaction regarding terrorism is to be blamed on the strongest, freest, and most developed countries, with no responsibility and accountability expected of poorer countries and terror entities which happen to be bastions for terror. Nor does Fareed ever insist that the wealthy Islamist countries like Saudi Arabia stop funding terrorism. He does, however, on a consistent basis on CNN, hold Israel responsible for the well-being of Palestinians (an expanding list of descendants of Arabs from Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, etc) who have been at war with Jews for almost a century. According to Fareed’s analyses, if Israel were to stop defending itself and stop building homes on its historical land as defined clearly in the British Mandate, the Islamists would magically end their Koran-based jihad and disband their terrorist group Al Qaeda (which Fareed sees as having been decimated by the US to the point of ineffectiveness). They will kiss their new American military backers in places like Syria and Libya and then they will lovingly be on our side and will stop targeting non-Muslims.

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I have some serious questions for Fareed and I hope that he will respond:

1) If the US does suddenly drop its war on terrorism, what message will that send to the terrorists?

2) Does Fareed think that the terrorist war on the West is being waged only by Al Qaeda (however one defines that group) or is it a broader war involving Islamists in all terror groups and countries? (US President Obama has defined his war on terror specifically as a war on Bin Laden, but has supported all other terror groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood).

3) Is Fareed only concerned specifically about the war on terror that impacts the US or is he also concerned about their war on Israel, India, African nations, and all countries that are impacted by the bloody murder prescribed by Islamic terror movements in the world?

4) Will Israel’s submission to the growing list of demands by Palestinians end the terrorists’ war on us (as the panoply of Fareed’s guests on CNN’s Global Public Square Show posit), or is that a canard that is part of the Islamist propaganda machine?

5) Do the educational and religious institutions in Islamic countries have any culpability or does Fareed see Islam as pure and peaceful and only of good intentions towards its fellow man as Obama has stated?

6) Should the war on terror have a truthful and honest ideological component to counter and contest the vile propaganda from Islamists or would honesty and truth hurt the feelings and enrage Islamists and thus make the war on terrorism more difficult?

7) Is the UN part of the great ideological terror war against free, democratic, developed countries and has it become an extension of Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) which is at the helm of UN actions against freedom? If so, should free countries leave the UN? Should the war on terrorism, assuming that Fareed thinks it requires an ideological component (he has stated his displeasure on TV with the military component of this war), take on the UN?

8) If the Palestinians do not want peace as all of their violent actions have confirmed, should the US push Israel and Jews to give in and offer Palestinians more strategic land so that Palestinians will be able to carve out another terror state, like Hamas’ Gaza, in a region already replete with the new terror fascist states being assembled in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, etc?

9) Does Fareed think that North America is somehow invulnerable to terrorism? Does he think that he wants to risk the lives of his fellow Americans on his supposition that flies in the face of increasing terror and violence in the world, that terrorists no longer have the teeth and reach to get to where he lives?

10) America has been defended and has caught the many terrorists who have tried to murder Americans en masse in the past dozen years. Does Fareed at least acknowledge the excellent security and military expertise which has benefited and protected all North Americans or not? Does he think that by removing the many layers of security, his family will be more or less secure?

11) Who does Fareed think is on the front lines against terrorism? Would that list include Israel or exclude Israel because Fareed sees Israel as a cause of Islamic anger based in the Koran which calls for the death to Jews? Should Jews be abolished and expelled because Muslims hate them and find them objectionable? How about Christians, Hindus, Bahai, etc?

12) Do we need to tell Muslims that if their dogma calls for the death to infidels that we expect their religion and the leaders of their religious institutions make revisions and changes that will fundamentally change attitudes of Muslims? When is a religion a cult? Does the call for death of others and the inability to freely leave that religious belief system put that religion into the category of a cult?

13) What is the role of the media and governments in challenging the beliefs of people who want to destroy the West? Should we bow to their demands and make sure that they are not named, questioned nor confronted or should we engage them in honest debate and insist on minimal standards of civilization in the 21st century? Do we or do we not defend ourselves?

14) Should we challenge the ongoing stealth jihad in North America — especially on campuses which offer the stage to Islamists who take advantage of free speech while university officials, in the name of political correctness, repress the presentations on the other side of the debate or refuse to stop the violent actions to suppress free speech of those who contest the hate and propaganda from Islamist and leftist groups?

15) What proof does Fareed have that Al Qaeda and their affiliates have been decimated as he asserts? Fareed, recall that Al Qaeda helped overthrow Gaddafi and now is at the forefront in the war against Assad. Recall that they killed the American ambassador in Libya as Obama watched that event unfolding without a response and then blamed freedom of speech for the outcome. This does not look like a weak Al Qaeda who Obama and Fareed claim to be on the run.

There are many other questions that I could ask but I would like you to start with the ones above. Fareed’s TV show is becoming increasingly one-sided, steeped in wishful thinking, with no connection to reality. It always avoids the Islamist question and their complete involvement in almost all of terrorism in the world today. Without honest reporting and honesty in language as opposed to obfuscation, not only is the military operation against Islamists made difficult to impossible, but also the counter arguments are transformed into lies that do not address the problems. The media and governments’ political correctness tend to blame our freedoms for Islamic anger and our strength and fortitude are blamed for their terror. The erasure of our self-defense becomes the prescription. Fareed blames poverty and repression (Muslim repression against Muslims and everyone else) on America and he finds fault with the defense posture that is necessary if we are to end that repression and prevent it from spreading uncontrollably around the globe.

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