March 3, 2013, 7:10 am


Successful activism involves lobbying your elected representatives, but sometimes the most effective means is economic action. Pro-gun supporters have been fighting back against the current wave of anti-gun legislation being pushed on Americans by national and state “activists.” Individuals and groups have been using the democratic process by contacting their state and federal representatives, circulating petitions, and holding rallies. You can get involved by using the resources has collected below. Gun-related manufacturers really may put the hurts on anti-gun “progressives” this way:

The list of companies that have stopped selling firearms and ammunition to law enforcement agencies in states that are restricting the Second Amendment has more than doubled since Wednesday and is more than five times larger than just one week ago. There are 44 companies on our list, with more being added as we receive notification. Here are the additions since Wednesday:


Anti-gun activists have undertaken a major effort to destroy the constitutional right to bear arms. The gun ban activists are active at both the state and national levels. They are particularly fixated on banning so-called “assault weapons” which are not “assault weapons” at all. The term “assault weapon” is being misused to defame U.S. citizens who own civilian-use rifles like the AR-15. The term is completely inaccurate. The AR-15 is NOT an “assault weapon” by definition of the United States Defense Department’s Defense Intelligence Agency book “Small Arms Identification and Operation Guide.” Whatever the motivations of the anti-gun activists, they must be stopped. This page is a resource dedicated to protecting our Second Amendment rights. Please check back often to get the latest news about the gun debate, and find out how to participate through direct action in the democratic process to protect the right to bear arms. Here you’ll find links to articles and activist resources:

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