Terrorism redux: My thoughts after Boston

April 29, 2013, 3:42 pm


By Gary Gerofsky

The Jewish Daily Forward published an article on April 17, 2013, soon after the Boston terrorist bombings entitled “Jews Warn Against Rush to Judgment on Boston Marathon Terror Bombings: Security Experts Say History of Mistakes Teaches Caution.” It contained the usual cautionary tripe and left-wing warnings not to presume anything about the bombings and not to jump to conclusions. The article did not, however, avoid musing about connections to Hitler’s birthday, the Oklahoma bombings, and the low-tech nature of the attacks — all conjecture used by the author to obscure the true nature of the terror act and to pin blame on the unobvious. The carnage was actually carried out by obvious culprits and the usual suspects: Muslim terrorists.

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Obama adopted the same pretend attitude as The Jewish Forward in his original public address regarding the Boston bombing by refusing to call it “terrorism” and by cautioning the public against jumping to conclusions. I am sure that the President was trying to once again whitewash Islamists like he did with the terrorrist strike in Benghazi, Libya. Nowadays, it is much harder to control all the bloggers, social media, and law enforcement branches in America. It was much easier to for him to obfuscate in a Libya bereft of media. There was no way he could pin the blame for the blatant act of terrorism in Boston on a Jewish amateur filmmaker or the Arab-Israeli conflict — though some Islamists soon made that accusation/connection. Obama’s henchmen could not find some film that some Muslims might find offensive somewhere in the world, or a cartoon which may have insulted Islam’s prophet, or any other nonsensical event to use to confuse his constituents. Obama could not contrive something to forgive terrorism and terrorists because of insult to Muslim sensibilities and sensitivities. Al Qaeda and other groups did claim responsibility soon after but that is standard procedure for those evil thugs.

Canada recently had its own duo of terror suspects poised, but not imminently poised, to blow up a train destined at some future date to travel to the U.S. before they were nabbed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Canadian law enforcement stopped these jihadis in the late planning stages. Through his lawyer, one of the terrorists claimed that the government had a hard time sending him back home when his former countries of residence found out he was trouble. Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) refused him entry and so Canada was stuck with him. Somehow Israel is always to blame — this time a “stateless” man with a criminal record, threatening the lives of Canadian civilians, is being transformed before our eyes into a terrorist engendering sympathy — with support from leftists for his having a politically correct excuse befitting the times.

I want to remind the repairers of the world and the only-right-wingers-are-radicals crowd exactly what terror groups say about Jews and Christians. I must emphasize that the people I’m speaking of are Islamic terror groups because some misinformed people will say that there are indeed other kinds of terrorists who, in significant numbers, wage jihad-like murder campaigns too. Note that for some inexplicable reason, Islamists are not considered to be right-wingers by the Left, perhaps because the Left really does like terrorists and does not want to brand them as horrible neo-cons.

Let me begin with some facts from Political Islam, Tears of Jihad:

Deaths directly related to Islamic jihad since Islam’s inception include: Africa 120 million; Christians 60 million; Hindus 80 million; and, Buddhists 10 million. Jewish deaths at the hands of Muslims since Islam’s inception number only in the thousands (if Israel’s war dead are not counted) because “the Jews submitted and became the dhimmis (servants and second class citizens) of Islam and did not have geographic political power.” Grand total: 270 million.

What does Islam say about people who do not adopt “The Religion of Peace”? Let’s have a look at an authoritative source, TheReligionofPeace.com.

This website contains many examples of what Muslim texts say about infidels. One example stands out very succinctly without too much fanfare and grotesquery: Quran (4:76) – “Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah…” The words are very clear. It does not say that Muslims speak up for Allah, discuss Allah, promote Allah, bless Allah, educate about Allah, love Allah, make peace for Allah, etc. The Quran specifically says “fight in the cause of Allah.”

Muslims fight and they fight well according to the numbers of dead in the wake of centuries of jihad. They do not take any prisoners and that is why there are so few Christians and almost no Jews left in Islamic countries today. Islam knows not of multiculturalism, liberalism, democracy, human rights, women’s rights, gay rights, forgiveness, religious rights or any rights other than Islamic rights and conquest as spelled out in their books. There is only compassion for those who submit to Islam. That compassion is contingent on the behaviour and compliance of the individual, subject to constant scrutiny, and predicated on his/her acceptance of an inferior status within the community if he/she happens to be from another faith. Apostates are punished without mercy — or killed. Some Jews have pointed out that their kind did better under some Islamic regimes than under anti-Semitic Christian regimes. The comparison is not apt because so many Jews accepted conversions instead of death under Islamic rule but conversion to Nazism or Christianity was not possible for a Jew in Hitler’s Germany, the ultimate genocidal regime, and no barbarity merits comparison with the Holocaust.

Okay, I know, you have heard all this before and I even hear some of you saying, “This guy must be an Islamophobe for even bringing up the subject of hate, terrorism and violence in the name of Islam.” No, I disagree; it is far too easy to blame me and others making these very basic facts known. I have not killed anyone. I have not and never will be a terrorist. I condemn terrorism. It is precisely because I do condemn terrorism that some want to shut me up. Some people, many in high places, just want the problem to disappear but are not prepared to do anything to help make that happen. Governments have let a good number of people into North America who not only practice Islam, but also want to carry out Islamic jihad. Not all Muslims are jihadists but all jihadists are Muslim. Most people do not generally like to link a major religion, having over 1.2 billion followers, with terrorism. They will find every excuse to say that “all religions are equal,” but looking at the misery scale showing the negative impact on human life, all religions were not created equal. I have never heard of Jewish terrorism or Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, or any other terrorism on a huge scale in the exclusive names of these religions, have you? Not recently, anyway. Sometimes self-defence against terrorism goes under the misnomer, “terrorism,” and that causes certain predisposed people a lot of confusion.

Terrorism is never a comforting topic; in fact, it is downright frightening. It requires some measure of blame for those who come under its deadly spell. I understand why people avoid these difficult issues and prefer more pleasant pursuits. At some point we as a nation will have to confront terrorism and take some serious measures because jihad happens to be expanding, not contracting. There is not a lot we can do about people’s belief systems just as there is not a lot we can do about membership to cults. It is discomforting to point out what ancient texts say because some Jewish and Christian texts also include mention of politically incorrect violence, killing, misogyny, and bloodshed — incorrect, that is, according to recent standards. However, and this is very important, Christians and others do not live by the sword nor promote their religion with violence as an essential central feature of the survival and proliferation of their faiths. Many Muslims still do. How many followers of violent jihad are there? Daniel Pipes answers the question: “It is safe to say that 750 million Muslims are fundamentalists trying to follow Allah’s orders and Muhammad’s example. And as fundamentalists, they are potential jihadists.” Survey after survey report high percentages of Muslims supporting major terrorist acts, with, for example, “36% of Arabs polled by Al Arabiya saying the 9/11 attacks were morally justified.”

I do not feel comfortable relying entirely on the government to save us from terror attacks because sometimes the government has diametrically opposing interests to its citizenry and, though I have never owned a gun or any weapon, I now see more clearly the arguments in support of the Second Amendment. Amendment II was written and adopted for situations that get out of control as they sometimes do so easily in extraordinary circumstances. We have just witnessed in Boston two young men terrorizing a major American city with people voluntarily locked down for 3 days — they were told to remain in their homes as terrorists roamed the streets (nobody knew at the time how many).

Israelis tend to defend their country with vigor (some would say not quite vigorous enough in terms of spelling out what belongs to them and asserting their vital interests). The Left sees Israel’s self-defense as anathema to the tenets of post modernism. Obama sees Israel as a major cause of the Islamist desire to wage jihad on the West. Obama does not see Islam as a source of jihad and terror but he sees the “religion of peace” responding to perceived threats — and Israel is the greatest threat of all to Islam because instead of giving up in the face of certain annihilation prescribed in Islamic texts, Israel has grown stronger to meet the challenge of terrorism. Obama would rather Israel give in and give away land to a point where Israel, even a nuclear-armed Israel, would never be able to win a war against foes like Iran or the strengthening terrorists surrounding the Jewish State like a noose.

My final thought on terror post-Boston is that all too many people are wringing their hands wondering what we as a society must have done wrong. Why would such nice-looking, smart, strong, well-educated, well-treated (by the American system) young men with great potential want to kill us? Were they connected to an overseas terror group? Were they connected to other terrorists? All of these questions are quite naive and the media is constantly showing ignorance by asking why they want us dead. It has all been written in very precise terms during the 7th century in political books made to appear like religious books that terrorists live by to this day.

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