Oppose immigration amnesty in 4 easy steps

May 26, 2013, 4:46 pm


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There are many reasons to oppose Senate Bill 744 — a proposal for giving amnesty to 11 to 20 million illegal aliens first, then securing our borders later — all with a price-tag of $6.3 trillion. The last sentence should be enough to convince you to oppose S. 774. Some more reasons are shown below in the bullet list. I’ve created a subject line and stock letter you can use to send emails to your senators urging them to oppose S. 744. 1) Just copy the letter text, or better yet, compose your own; 2) go to the oval marked “1 START” and fill in your email, name, and zip; 3) fill in your full address; 4) paste your letter text and send it to your senators. Your senators names and addresses will be found for you, and your message will be delivered to them automatically. (Follow the flow and instructions in the contact tool provided by PopVox.)

Subject line:

Please oppose immigration amnesty (oppose SB 744)


Please oppose Senate Bill 744, a dangerous piece of legislation that would grant amnesty to between 11 and 20 million illegal aliens.

What kind of message are we sending to the world if we instantly reward those who illegally enter the country? Those good people who have followed the rules and waited years for citizenship will certainly be insulted if illegals are allowed to jump in front of the line to citizenship. Millions of potential immigrants will see a green light and rush towards our shores knowing that, if they enter illegally, they will get citizenship easier than by doing so legally.

Our country became great because as people flocked to the U.S., they had to assimilate into our society, embrace our democratic ideals, embrace our work ethic, and embrace all the other values that make the U.S. the #1 destination for people the world over seeking a brighter future. How do we assimilate 11 to 20 million illegal aliens in a mere 13 years?

Our country cannot afford to provide social services, like health care and education, for millions of illegal immigrants. The U.S. has $17 trillion in debt already, so where do we come up with the over $6 trillion it will cost to grant amnesty? We already have high unemployment among our own citizens. How will they feel when illegals fill jobs they could work to support their family members, also U.S. citizens?

It is unconscionable to know that SB 77 will grant amnesty to criminals like gang members; unconscionable to think that amnestied illegal aliens will not have to pay back-taxes; and, unconscionable to think that our borders will not be 100% secured before amnesty takes place.

We know that our borders will not be secured before amnesty because SB 77 requires only 3 of 9 southern border sectors to have a 90% apprehension rate for illegals, leaving the rest of our border in the porous status quo. All amendments offered to SB 77 to strengthen our borders have been defeated by the pro-amnesty bloc in the Senate.

Have you as an elected representative read all 900 pages of Senate Bill 77? Do you understand all the political calculations, deals, and compromises buried deep within its language?

We need to secure our borders 100% first before even thinking about granting a pathway to citizenship for immigrants. And when we get to the time of considering a pathway to citizenship, immigrants must meet only the highest standards before becoming citizens. Let us FIRST enforce or enact common sense laws — like banning “birth tourism;” deporting illegal aliens — especially criminals; punishing businesses who hire illegals; and, securing our borders before we rush headlong into some disastrous legislation cobbled together by special interest groups.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

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