Power and Rice: A recipe for more global leftism and jihad, more state control and fewer freedoms

June 8, 2013, 3:23 pm


By Gary Gerofsky

This past week U.S. President Obama made Susan Rice his new National Security Adviser and Samantha Power his ambassador to the UN. Both women have the kind of credentials, loyalty and temperament that Obama needs to go full steam ahead on his second term agenda which includes the Obamification of the world, further apologizing for America, weakening the U.S. at every opportunity and saying “sorry” by supporting the most dangerous players on the world stage. The President is effectively giving up America’s position as defender of freedom and promoter of democracy and Judeo-Christian values. The Pax Americana era has long since disappeared. The safety derived from strength has disappeared. A state of vulnerability has resulted from political correctness and contrived shame that Obama conveys as a mea culpa for the U.S. having once been a dominant nation.

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Susan Rice and Samantha Power showed their contempt for America through contempt for the truth, and through their willingness to engage in obfuscation and subservient loyalty to their mentor and friend, Obama. To make sure that their leader won a second term, Power and Rice helped to cover up the role the Obama administration played in the death of American diplomats and servicemen in Libya at the hands of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and other terrorists working on behalf of — it is speculated — state entities like Egypt. Now the reward Rice and Power reap (to make sure that they remain silent on Benghazi) from Obama are two choice posts within his inner circle — positions where foreign policy, a major focus of his second term, will be all-important.

In attempting to predict what Obama could possibly want to achieve in his second term with regard to foreign policy one only has to look at the failures of his first term. So far he has helped ruin the lives of Egyptians by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood; ruined the chances for freedom in Iran by ignoring the nascent grassroots’ rebellion against the country’s Islamist regime; allowed Iran all the time in the world to develop nukes to fire at Israel; and helped to make Libya into a nation controlled by a hodgepodge of terror groups and warlords fighting for control, neighborhood by neighborhood, exporting terrorism and arms to terrorists throughout North Africa. Obama sustained, strengthened and befriended Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, the dictator now the bane of the country’s former secular class that is in its early stages of a fight against Islamic sharia and jihad — a fight for freedom that Obama probably cares not to support because of his close Islamic alliances and his friendship with Erdogan. Obama has failed to grasp the seriousness of the bloody Syrian situation where Russia, Iran, the country’s current Assad regime and Hezbollah have emerged winners… if you happen to consider 70 thousand dead bodies a win for anyone other than the devil.

Obama’s appointments of Power and Rice make clear that in his second term, he will go as far as he can to ensure Palestinians, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, the UN and his leftist friends worldwide make life for Israel as difficult as possible. Obama and the UN have made Israel wait for Iran to pursue its nuclear weapons program. Obama has done nothing meaningful to stop Iran from to crossing all of the deadly thresholds and lines on the path to nuclear arms. Iran’s Islamist regime has systematically tested these thresholds with impunity. Obama has kept America from acting and left the world leaderless, unconcerned and unwilling to act, all while Iran explores the final series of steps leading to its goal of creating fully working nuclear weapons. Obama does not have Israel’s back. Israel has been told to its face that Obama’s agenda is much different than Israel’s and certainly not in keeping with Israel’s best interests on security and short- to medium-term survivability. If Israel wants to preserve its existence in the world today, it has nobody to rely on but itself. The sooner Jews in America and Israel realize that Obama and his administration are out of sync with Israel and the Jewish people, the better equipped and prepared they will be to defend themselves and their ancestral homeland. Obama, Power and Rice are creatures of the UN, not defenders of America, and that is where their sympathies lie. Power will be Obama’s hard-Left servant in the UN for the purpose of Israel-bashing.

During Obama’s second term, the U.S. has been shedding more power. Obama and his cadre have been making sure that Americans shed their power by shedding their arms (militarily and domestically). Many Americans now see that Obama will make every effort to spy on all his people — eager to make everyone a suspect — to bug their phones and Internet connections. Rather than “profile” real terrorists and suspects for fear of alienating his Islamic friends and being criticized for “racism” as happens so often, Obama uses his overbearing even-handedness to make everyone a suspect, using data mining techniques and infringing on everyone’s freedoms to avoid recognizing the truth and going after obvious suspects in a targeted and pinpoint fashion.

American weakness is a primary objective for leftists. Disarmament in a world growing more lethal all around us is a crazy proposition. On an individual basis, the only people whom the Left do not focus on as part of “gun control” are the criminals and the mentally unstable who do not follow gun rules anyway, regardless of the severity of their criminality and instability. An America that engages in any kind of war is anathema to Power and Rice but preparations for war by Iran or North Korea seems not to faze them and they treat such threats as distant problems of other nations. Obama and friends see an imaginary militarism within America that must be dealt with, but which is in fact millions of citizens who simply see their country losing its founding principles. Power, Rice, and Obama do not confront directly the terrorists and the ideology threatening America’s demise through conquest and stealth jihad. Shockingly, they turn a blind eye to the source of terrorism. To Power and Rice, America has reached a post-modern state where peace is taken for granted and does not need to be defended. They treat terrorists as common criminals who can be mollified and rehabilitated. Terrorism to Power and Rice is the product of socio-economic conditions, not connected to a religion that instills violence against Western values. According to leftists, terror from right-wing groups is as potent and germane as terror from real terrorists who have actually killed hundreds of thousands in the past 20 years.

Citizens should fear for losing freedom because civil liberty has been downplayed and reduced during the Obama years. According to the New Left, certain international leaders who take freedom away from citizens should have the freedom to do so with impunity. America’s role is to dialogue diplomatically with America’s enemies according to Power and Rice. To them, the diplomatic process often involves sacrificing real friends and allies as part of a quid pro quo operation with pariah states whose demands the U.S. gladly meets out of fear or false hope. Under Obama, those with leftist views can say and do all they want but those who are vocal about a freedom agenda, are against crime and terror, or concerned about an overbearing, over-sized, clandestine and indebted government are viewed with contempt and suspicion — they are harassed by the IRS and spied on by the CIA. To the leftist media and the Obama government, those who speak truth about the dangers of too much debt, too many immigrants bent on changing America rather than integrating into America, and too little truth when it comes to extreme Islam’s takeover of the West are made to seem like racists, Islamophobes, hicks, rednecks, etc. The media work seamlessly with the Obama agenda as if the media were being run by the state.

The Obama administration with poster children like Power and Rice represent a radicalized, perverse leftist mentality that is cold to Israel, wants to change what is good about America, and wants big government and big spending to make citizens so dependent that they dare not vote for anyone other than Democrats. The road forward for the Obama administration is towards a dependent nation to replace an independent nation. This will prevent a return to a self-sufficient and creatively inventive America. In fact, Obama sees nothing wrong with American dependence on energy from the Middle East. His friends among the environmental extremists (who have shoved aside science) do not want energy independence; they would rather have oil from the Saudis than oil from Canada, a real friend and ally, or from the plentiful shale deposits on American soil. The administration will lie and manipulate a media already predisposed to leftist ideology to do likewise to damage U.S. freedoms and diminish the strength of the citizenry.

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