June 18, 2013, 7:51 am


The Senate is voting on an immigration amnesty bill that may destroy America. Urge your senators to vote AGAINST the amnesty bill, S. 744. ASK THEM TO PUT BORDER SECURITY FIRST. You can save this great nation with just a little time and effort:

All the information you need about S. 744 is summarized here (opens in a new tab/window), but here are some bullet points, too:

S. 744 would, according to NumbersUSA:

  • give work permits and legalization to 11+ million illegal aliens in the first year, and entice millions more foreign workers to come illegally in the future;
  • double authorized immigration to 22 million over the next decade, swamping the 20 million Americans who want a full-time job and can’t find one;
  • add millions of less-educated, low-wage immigrants to all the country’s welfare and entitlement programs; and,
  • do all of the above without even guaranteeing improved enforcement at the border and workplace in the future.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, Amnesty is not just for illegals under SB 744, but will apply to the employers of illegal aliens:

… Amnesty for employers found to have employed illegal aliens or who are currently employing illegal aliens. …

Amnesty for employers who did not withhold and/or submit payroll taxes for individuals illegally in the United States. …

Amnesty for employers who violated labor laws by paying unfair wages, who failed to pay wages, etc. …

Amnesty for employers who violated labor laws by paying unfair wages, who failed to pay wages, etc. …

Amnesty for employers who facilitated Social Security fraud and identity theft by providing or accepting false Social Security numbers. …

According to Senators Cruz, Grassley, Lee and Sessions, S. 744:

  1. Provides immediate legalization without securing the border;
  2. Rewards criminal aliens, absconders and deportees and undermines law enforcement;
  3. Contains extremely dangerous national security loopholes;
  4. Facilitates fraud in our immigration system;
  5. Creates no real penalties for illegal immigrants and rewards them with entitlements;
  6. Delays for years the implementation of E-Verify;
  7. Does not fix our legal immigration system;
  8. Advanced through a process predicated on a deal struck before mark-up; and,
  9. Rewards those who have broken our laws by offering a special path to citizenship.

Please act now!

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  1. Marcus Berry Says:

    Fence and jobs for Americans first.

  2. publisher Says:

    900-page bills are silly. Immigration is too complicated to fix with one ambiguous bill made by trading goodies in smoke-filled rooms. One step at a time. FIRST, SECURE THE BORDERS. NOTHING ELSE.

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