It is not exclusively up to Israel to make the world right

June 28, 2013, 5:10 pm


By Gary Gerofsky

Israel has and continues to make increasingly important contributions to the world of science, medicine, software, hardware, the arts, humanitarian aid and a great many other categories. Israel, to its credit and out of necessity, has also made great strides in military equipment, training and minimizing human suffering in war. In situations where Israel could easily have eliminated those who intimidate, terrorize and make the destruction of Israel their raison d’etre, Israel has chosen to use surgical techniques against attackers, putting their own soldiers at risk instead of taking the easy route of massive bombing missions. When the shoe is on the other foot, Israel’s enemies throw everything they have at Israel and — were it not for Israel’s military superiority — Israel would have been eliminated long ago as Jewish enclaves and/or kingdoms have been wiped out through the ages by superior armies headed by tyrannical despots.

Against the backdrop of the history of Israel and the Jews, it is ironic that Israel is being bullied to be better than the best. The tiny Jewish nation is supposed to be the savior of the Muslim people; to sacrifice its own territory and people to satisfy the covetous nature of Islamists bent on destroying Israel. In recent history, Israel is a place that Islamists have never given attention to in their holy books nor expressed any interest in until around 1967 when, in six days, Israelis soundly defeated multiple Arab armies. Only then did Israel become a desirable political vehicle for Arabs/Muslims to take the attention away from their own totalitarian regimes and make the Jews their target — scapegoat, once again in history — through propagandistic untruthful claims and historical revisionism made on behalf of the newly formed and named “Palestinian” group of refugees.

What is Israel’s responsibility for the refugees known as “Palestinians?” Why is the longstanding issue of settling/re-settling the Palestinian “refugees” Israel’s responsibility? The world has dumped this problem into Israel’s lap without any mention given to solutions that go beyond the straight-jacketing and condemning of Israel and the replacement of the Jewish state with another jihadist totalitarian, human-rights-repressive regime or entity in the Middle East.

Israel now has a limited and diminishing role in managing the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria. Israel has no role in Gaza where Hamas, Iran, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad and others have control of the land. The Palestinians on the “West Bank” are creating an infrastructure that is expanding at a much faster rate and with greater international resources/support than do the Israelis on their native soil in Judea and Samaria, the proper name for the West Bank. Israel has a grudging acceptance of its citizens in Judea and Samaria and uses them as political footballs. The West Bank is west of Jordan, a country that never did establish a land for Palestinians during its illegal occupation of the territory after the 1948 war of aggression against the Jewish people. The concept of a Palestinian state to replace Israel is a new concept that has been spoken of so much that it has become part of apocrypha that has no truth but a lot of political impetus behind it. Palestine has become part of the lexicon of a generation that has segued and developed from the Jew-killers of Europe after WWII into the supporters of Jew killers in the Middle East, where many of the remaining Jews escaped to (at least those who were not prevented from doing so by European and other Western governments) after the 1948 war. The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the United Nations (UN) and Europe (with the US not far behind) are leading the charge to give Palestinians a home and that home is the historical, legal and biblical home of Israel — that solution is Auschwitz-like and has no future. Those pushing it will not admit to wanting another Holocaust under their auspices but that is what it is in reality.

Israel’s rightful responsibility for the Palestinian refugees has been much exaggerated. The degree to which Israelis are expected to help their enemies is much distorted considering how the Arabs have treated the Jews in Israel and the Middle East throughout history. The international community has also been caught up in its own web of unwarranted concern over Palestinian refugees. These refugees have thanked their supporters with terrorism and yet have been given more international aid for a longer period than any refugees in history. There is no moral basis for helping the Palestinian people re-settle those who were originally displaced or left on their own volition during the most hateful wars on the Jews.

The moral responsibility for settling Palestinians belongs to Arab countries that are now very busy engaging in their own internal religious and terror wars without borders. The lands of former dictatorships are unwinding into civil and religious internecine chaos with hundreds of thousands of people killing each other in civil terror wars and wars in which the US became unproductively entangled (Iraq and Afghanistan). As in all wars, there are (or ought to be) consequences for aggressor terrorists. Wars carried out in the region by the US became campaigns to win the hearts and minds of people who to this day have neither compassion nor gratitude towards a US. Americans lost thousands of lives and wasted over a trillion dollars trying to win the love of people who hate the US.

When the Jewish people are attacked, they have proven to be formidable fighters. Unfortunately, in the aftermath they have proven themselves to be very weak in terms of accepting and holding on to the position, land and benefits that come with victory. The cost of victory has been made prohibitive by a world that punishes victors and rewards the aggressors/losers. Jews have become the target of politically correct notions that offer threats and punishment for non-compliance/acceptance for impossible demands.

The accusation that Israel is an “apartheid” state is the supreme distortion of reality. In reality, Arab countries practice systematic apartheid against Palestinians — they are not allowed to work or live as equals in places like Lebanon, Jordan and the Gulf. Maybe there are good reasons for this as Palestinians have brought terror, war and bloodshed wherever they settle. Once again, the inhumanity of Muslim countries is being downplayed and projected onto Israel in a propaganda effort designed to scapegoat Jews. The world looks away from totalitarian regimes and that is the sole purpose of the successful propaganda against Israel. Even now, with 100,000 dead in Syria, Jewish leaders still wring their hands over battles that happened in 1948 in which Palestinians were displaced from homes. These same leaders care not about the slaughter of Jews by Arabs during that war, during which over 1 million Jews were displaced of from Arab lands. These same leaders care not about Jews who were evicted during various bouts of anti-Semitism, the development of nuclear arms in Iran, and the numerous wars against Israel. These same leaders care not about the mounting crisis of having Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood goons victimize and starve entire populations for the sake of jihad, sharia (Muslim law) and anti-Semitism in places like Egypt, Libya, etc.

In the final analysis, what is Israel’s responsibility to Palestinians? The answer is that Israelis have no moral responsibility for a Palestinian track record of corruption, chaos, and terrorism. Israel’s best interests are served when Israel protects and defends its own people and makes sure that Palestinians do not acquire the power and means to destroy Israel and their own Arab bretheren in the process, as they attempted in the bloody civil war between Fatah and Hamas in which Hamas came out the winning terrorist group. Palestinian people armed to the teeth by Iran serve no one’s interests. One could argue that the refugees have a very good situation. They have land in Gaza and the West Bank. They have so much international monetary aid that the thugocracy ruling the West Bank can stuff that prodigious aid into the bank accounts of their corrupt leaders. They have a neighboring Israeli government that refuses to safeguard Jewish biblical and historical sites, allowing Palestinians to desecrate and destroy Jewish history. Jewish history is being lost because the Israeli government does not defend Jewish rights as much as it defends Arab and Muslim rights in the Land of Israel itself.

If the Arab people want to find a solution to the Arab refugee problem (which historically they have shown no concern towards), then it is up to them to take in the Palestinian people, house, employ and protect them without the characteristic apartheid that they have gotten away with because Western governments look the other way and do not hold Muslim nations accountable/responsible for their misdeeds. Israel would probably help this process along if they were asked to do so. The world must move away from a destructive sympathy for the Palestinians because that has led to the wars and terrorism and growing fundamentalist spread of radicalization in the region. Iran must be kept from meddling in the Middle East, their bases in Gaza and Africa destroyed, and their nuclear capability destroyed. Working with the Muslim Brotherhood must be abandoned as a foreign policy option. The US’s Obama administration is poisoning the waters of the Levant by making Israel responsible for satisfying Palestinian demands, backing the Muslim Brotherhood and allowing Iran to make inroads into that part of the Middle East. The Palestinians are not predominately a people originally of the region comprised of Israel. They are part of an Islamist/terrorist community that is becoming more extreme with help from those in the US and Europe who want to appease terrorists through dialogue.

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