Second Amendment Supporters’ Toolkit

July 4, 2013, 1:55 pm


This article contains all the tools you need to protect the right to bear arms. Even though gun ownership is protected by the Second Amendment of our great Constitution, gun owners are continually besieged by those looking to dis-empower good American citizens. As gun owners, we must be ever vigilant, constantly reminding our elected representatives that our Constitution guarantees our right to bear arms — and guarantees our right to choose the firearms and accessories we deem necessary to defend ourselves, defend our democratic way of life, and defend our right to use firearms for sport, collecting, and hobby. The only way for us to protect the Second Amendment is to be engaged in our nation’s democratic process. We must be well-educated in the legal history of American gun ownership — like the unabashed support our Founding Fathers held for gun rights. We must stay up-to-date on current proposed legislation affecting gun ownership. We must contact our elected representatives regarding specific legislation. We must also occasionally remind our representatives of their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution. Finally, we must support and vote for candidates or existing representatives who have a proven track-record of upholding Second Amendment rights. Use the links below to get and stay active in protecting the right to bear arms — you’d be surprised how effective you can be by becoming a grassroots activist:

Contact your elected representatives

Join organizations advocating for the Second Amendment (I belong to all of these personally) — they’ll provide you with general gun rights info and keep you up-to-date on current issues affecting gun ownership:

Learn about gun rights and so-called “gun control”

  • Browse and research a wealth of gun rights facts here and here

Learn how to lobby and do it

Vote with your wallet

Get informed about recent attacks on the Second Amendment

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