Obama’s foreign policy advances the interests of Islamists and leftists and subverts freedom

August 19, 2013, 3:13 pm


By Gary Gerofsky

Without freedom there can be no democracy. Without the US supporting freedom, democracy is endangered. With the US supporting make-believe democracy without freedom, there can be no real democracy with freedom. With the US working against freedom, there can be no US. With the US supporting Islamism (masked as a “religion of peace”), terrorism and war will flourish.

The US has had a mixed record of working to weaken or undermine states, individuals and groups that were harmful to its self-interests. US policy has generally been focused on its own interests, regardless of the merit of those interests. Now, with US President Obama’s new appeasement foreign policy, it could be argued that its policy is not geared towards its own self-interests but rather the interests of Islamists and leftists who are pushing hard to advance Obama’s vision of an Islamist crescent surrounding a shrunken or perhaps non-existent State of Israel. We must ask ourselves a very serious question: Why is Obama acting to destroy Israel, backing Islamists, and strengthening terrorists? How does this help American interests? Why are the American people not reacting to what amounts to the hijacking of US foreign policy to help the ideology of terrorists who were quite eager to attack America on 9/11 and to damage the US at every other opportunity before and after 9/11?

America this week has facilitated the release of Palestinian killers and terrorists from Israeli jails. To make this happen, the US has done all in its power to cajole, intimidate and threaten Israel and, unfortunately, Israel has complied. Apparently, the Obama foreign policy team made it clear that they would join Europe in the de-legitimization of Israel were Israel not willing to accede to its own shrinkage into oblivion as the Middle East explodes with war and genocide. All Israel’s borders are being fired upon with missiles. Terrorists are ready to infiltrate Israel or activate cells inside Israel at any time.

Israel is being pushed by Obama to negotiate with Palestinian terrorists, led by Mahmoud Abbas, who control much of Judea and Samaria (known to some as the “West Bank”). Abbas is the illegitimate leader of a fake entity with cult-of-death beliefs called the “Palestinian Authority.” The terrorist murderers were supposedly released as an “incentive” for Abbas to make peace with Israel. But their release will only add to the existing arsenal of hardened, bloodthirsty thugs at Abbas’ disposal, ready to kill Jews again if Abbas does not get all he wants. Abbas does not want peace. He wants to destroy Israel just as the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, who control Gaza, want to destroy Israel. Abbas and his Hamas brothers want Israel cleansed of Jews and turned into yet another Islamist entity that can serve as a base of operations for the goal of destroying the US and all other “infidels” making up the Free World. Eleven of the released murderers went home to Abbas’ open arms; the other 15 terrorists went home to Hamas’ warm reception.

Let’s say that the Arabs living in Judea and Samaria come to some kind of deal with Israel that involves Israel giving in to pressure from a US which now stands against its allies and favors its enemies; what does the addition of one more terror state do for the US? What did they get when Jews were cleaned from Gaza? What did they get when Israel retreated from the buffer zone in Lebanon? What did they get when the Sinai was rewarded to Egypt for launching war against Israel? What did they get when the defeated Yasser Arafat returned to the West Bank to engage in war and propaganda (with UN backing) with Israel? What will they get if the strategic Golan Heights were once again in Syrian hands? And what happens if, as I predict, the impossible demands of Palestinians result in a collapse of peace talks? Will the US, like Europe today, work to force Jews to dissociate themselves from Israel, dividing and conquering Jews just as the Jews of Europe and many other parts of the world were often battered in their history, forced to decide between their faith and death? Will the US join the UN and the EU in punishing the one free and pluralistic society of the Middle East to the brink of disaster?

What is being asked of Israel in light of the fact that Arabs/Muslims go to their local mosques throughout the world to condemn Jews and Christians and to vilify the Jewish homeland? Most of their own countries are embroiled in factional war, war against non-Muslims, and war against their own people. They are anchored to a cult of violent extremism. A broader peace should logically have these belligerents accepting Palestinian refugees into their own countries, making them real citizens and treating them as equals instead of inferiors encamped in poverty (as Palestinians are now treated in Arab states). We must demand that Arabs/Muslims stop their annihilationist policies against the Jews who have one country compared with 56 Arab/Muslim countries throughout the world. There are 15 million Jews versus 1.5 billion Muslims. Who are the bullies? Who is being greedy? Who is making impossible demands? Why is Obama supporting these bullies?

The Palestinian situation could have been and still can be solved with ease. It would require peoples of the states of the region and the world community to change their views and come up with implementable solutions rather than place impossible demands on Israel. Tiny Israel cannot shoulder all the responsibility for peace. Israelis cannot invite enemy combatants into their one small country — to overwhelm their homeland with enemies who want it destroyed and whose sole purpose is to kill Jews. There is an historic opportunity in the midst of a barbaric war taking place in Syria, in the battle for Egypt, in the terror-ridden enclaves of Iraq and Yemen, and in the kingdom of Jordan. (Jordan which is actually a Palestinian state according to its demographics.) There is room in all of these places for more people whose mindset and beliefs are more closely aligned to the terror states than the civilized nations of the world. Europe and the US must recognize that they are supporting people not quite ready for freedom even if they engage in some form of fake democracy to impress their cheerleaders and financial backers. Terrorism is not compatible with freedom and free nations. When the US supports terrorists, it moves into uncharted and dangerous territory.

Imagine if the Gulf States and all free nations were interested in real peace and upheld international law regarding Palestinian/Israeli peace. There are historical precedents in the form of the British Mandate for Palestine and all other decisions which state that Israel has legitimate overseer status and ownership of Judea and Samaria and all of Jerusalem (and all of Jordan for that matter). Decisions of the past, if torn up to satisfy the fashion of current political whims, leave open all our free countries to historical revisionism and our land given away with as little concern as the US now shows for the disintegration of Israel under the auspices Obama’s “peace process.”

America is a land where law and order is supposed to prevail. It is a country, like Israel, that respects and honors agreements; it is compassionate, understanding and strong. The US always must act in support of its Constitution which up to now has been inviolable. Unfortunately, principles are being replaced by populism, leftism, politics and rhetoric. Allies are being cast aside to appease enemies who America now thinks will stop at Israel when it comes to terrorizing the world and America is trying to reinforce the new Maginot Line being ideologically constructed in the land of Israel. It is built on false hopes, on the friendship of one president to his Islamic roots, on the belief that the hate Islamists have for us can be ameliorated by satisfying their demands for a world without Jews or a world which contains only dhimmi Jews who work for Islamic interests. (“Dhimmi” are non-Muslim second-class citizens of Islamic states.)

I urge people to say no to a “peace process” which is actually an appeasement process. It is a process of putting killers back into circulation as terrorists. It is process which is boosting the rights of Islamists to make more demands for political beliefs bereft of freedom for individuals and lacking human rights for anyone other than so-called “believers.” If the US empowers Islamists then it is working to undermine human rights, women’s rights, gay rights and strengthening anti-Semitism and hate against other religions and cultures that are incompatible with Islamist beliefs. The peace process amounts to support for the death to Israel and the death of the US.

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