The aftermath of the Iran-Obama agreement

November 24, 2013, 10:59 am


By Gary Gerofsky

One government wanted an agreement with Iran more than Iran itself: The Obama Administration. Iran wanted an agreement on its nuclear program to alleviate sanctions and to open up the floodgates to international business. According to USA TODAY:

… Six world powers reached an interim agreement late Saturday night with Iran on its disputed nuclear program after four days of talks in Geneva.

In the six-month interim deal, Iran agreed to limit nuclear activities in return for relief of up to $7 billion in sanctions that have hurt its economy. …

Money will inevitably flow freely after Iran is welcomed back into the international fold with its nukes intact, with its “death to Israel” foreign policy still in place and with Obama and the international community taking the first step towards welcoming Iran into the nuclear weapons’ club. Obama needed the Iranian deal to cover up its recent domestic and foreign policy failures. By the time Iran and the mullahs start lying about the details, as Obama lied, spun and avoided in the immediate aftermath, it will be too late — a world anxious to not be involved in another conflict in the Middle East will not care if they were delivered lies or truth. Notice how the leader of the Islamic republic, Ayatollah Khamenei, did not lower himself by attending the meetings of the “Sextet.” Khamenei’s emissaries had to fly back and forth to update and to get orders from his “highness.” This in itself is an arrogant statement that Khamenei is superior to those scrounging for acceptance by Iran for their “peace” overtures. It is an acknowledgement by the world that they accept Khamenei’s superiority.

After failures in Libya and Benghazi, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, Obama is looking to force an agreement that Iran will use to further its jihad against the West and keep its people under the fascist thumbs of the mullahs. As Obama plays politics to have us forget his blunders of the recent past and to make himself appear a success on the Iran front, he does so at the expense of his other allies, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries and Israel.

To a very pro-Islamist Obama, a nuclear Iran is fine but it is a well-known fact that Iran does not want nukes for deterrence; it wants nukes as a first strike option against what Iran has named the “Little Satan” (Israel) and the “Big Satan” (the U.S.). Obama, filled with loathing for Israel, has made it clear that he agrees with Iran’s definition of “Little Satan” but I wonder how the American people feel about Iran threatening “Big Satan” USA with Obama’s blessings.

The “agreement,” an insane repeat of Neville Chamberlain’s WWII “Peace in Our Time” pact with Hitler, is designed to partially remove sanctions (that Obama never wanted in the first place and had to be pushed into passing after lengthy delays), but Obama’s team know that this agreement will save the Iranian economy with help from the international community. Just as the sanctions were beginning to have an impact, Obama pulls them to again give Iran more time to secretly enrich nuclear material and develop or house nuclear bomb(s) that might have been purchased from Russia or North Korea, hidden away from sight of international eyes in secret facilities. Iran will now be free to focus on the next steps of their conquest. Like the Palestinians and according to the jihadist playbook of Islamists, the Iranians will use every concession as a strategic opportunity to continue with plans for Holocaust II with the West’s acquiescence. Every delay in issuing Iran a real ultimatum works to the advantage of Iran and puts us a day closer to terror in the world.

The next step for countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia is to make sure it is known that they are moving towards a first strike capability and policy. There is no such thing as deterrence in the philosophy of the mullahs. If they have the bomb then they will use it. They are prepared to lose most of their population if it means the destruction of Israel and the advancement of their global jihad. The Saudis are probably, by all accounts, on the fast track to nuclear capability, buying what they need from Pakistan and other sources. Obama has started a new arms race. If a pact has developed between the Saudis, Israel and others, I would not be surprised to see future sharing of resources, knowledge, facilities and manpower among those countries in secret. I see the cooperation between the Saudis and Israel as a repugnant but necessary evil in the face of a greater threat that is being championed and headed by Obama and the mullahs. Obama cannot be trusted nor believed when he says that Israel is America’s ally — Obama is doing everything in his power to make sure that that relationship comes to an end and he is willing to sell out and endanger Israel in the process. I would not be surprised if during Obama’s talks with Iran he has promised Iran to punish Israel by pushing Israel to concede and transfer land, security and rights to Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Obama, like the mullahs, connects a new Islamic fascist terror state next to Israel as part of his final solution to “Peace in Our Time.”

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