I saw the future — anti-Semitism — at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

March 28, 2014, 5:03 pm


By Gary Gerofsky

In a gymnasium on the campus of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, which is used for sports, concerts and normally happy and festive events of student life, I saw the future. It was in the form of a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) vote that passed overwhelmingly. The vote passed but will not take effect at this time because they did not get quorum (they needed over 600 students but they had a little over 400). I am told that the pending vote will be passed along to senate where its fate will be in the hands of that body. Regardless, one day soon, as on hundreds of campuses throughout the land, these and similar anti-civilization votes are or will be taking place. They are attended by hundreds of students, a good portion dressed in Islamic attire; some older students who do not appear to be students at all, angrier and more determined than your average Canadian student. Also in attendance are many Muslims and other supporters who are often bussed in by various religious and other groups, churches, unions, etc.

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I thought to myself during the proceedings of that meeting that if you presented a bill on beheading, stoning of women, hanging of gays, the implementation of sharia law on campus, female genital mutilation, waging jihad, or crucifixion, this audience would shout their joy and rapture in a similar way at every motion leading to its passage.

Most of the time was spent on procedural matters — what order to address the business at hand. The audience desperately wanted to get to the BDS vote before the meeting of the McMaster Student Union General Assembly was over that evening. I am sure that never before had an MSU meeting garnered such a large and angry audience. The tension in the room was rife with hate and confrontation from those who wanted it passed right away. This was clearly a meeting exposing a fault line on this and other campuses: a tectonic shift of the Islamic community colliding with the weaker, lighter, and more vulnerable individuals opposing the motion. It was no contest and there was never any doubt that this motion would pass.

Throughout the land we are faced with the hate and ignorance that exists within the Jew-hate movement. For anyone who doubts that this is about Jews and not, as they claim, an isolated targeting of Israel, let me tell you that after the vote the students broke out into pandemonium and chants of “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea.” Free means free of Jews. Palestine, a country which never existed in fact but is only a name given to a geographical area administered by the British after the Ottoman collapse, is also a fakery of Arab dictators and followers of Hitler during World War II.

There are a few points that I would like to highlight about the events which happened last evening:

It was disturbing that that the Jewish community was kept deliberately uninformed about these proceedings. I learned of it the day of the event from a professor at McMaster. The excuse given was that the students did not want anyone there. A representative from our feckless Jewish Federation was there so they knew but saw fit to keep the community in their usual quiet apathy and silence. There were not any good excuses not to be informed of the important pending vote taking place or any excuse for not making an announcement. I am waiting to see if a report will be generated and circulated by the representative who attended as an observer. Since there is no way to spin the proceedings in a positive light for the sleepy inhabitants of Hamilton, Ontario, I am certain that there will be more cover-up.

What I sense is that the students and faculty do not trust the general public and, consequently, the Jewish Federation, a stronghold of the Left and a confusion of perspectives, just wants it all to go away without a fight. They seem to believe that if you pretend it is not there, it will all disappear. Guess what, it is here to stay and getting worse by the day as jihadists and certain vocal and influential professors dominate campus politics and indoctrinate their easy-to-lead friends. Leftists, including some who use the claim of Jewishness to their advantage while positioned more under the thumb of the United Church, are training these students in political combat and protest and perhaps more, as they show up to these hate-fests with their top people alongside professional protestors.

By the end of the evening, a healthy and strong student who identified himself as a “Palestinian,” with family back home, made a plea on behalf of “Palestinians” to vote for the motion. He used all the buzzwords to make Israel look like an “Apartheid” state and an oppressor and occupier. That was the extent of “discussion,” one-sided as it was, and there was NO DEBATE and nobody to speak on the other side — time was running out and the Islamists were the only ones who got to speak.

In order to prevent the critical 600-student number required for quorum, part of the strategy of those opposing BDS was to leave en masse, which they did. It worked but it was a Pyrrhic and desperate procedural victory that delays the inevitable. I admire those few on council who tried in vain to stop the juggernaut but they did not ask for nor did they receive any community support. When we reach a point in time where such Hitlerian votes begin to take place, it is my assertion that the gloves are off and that is the end of academic niceties. The anti-BDS side must not be afraid of real emotions and real voices spilling over. The voices against Islamic intolerance and hate MUST NOT BE SILENCED ANYMORE!!

The backdrop to this vote comes after years of allowing Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) to flourish on campus. This introduction to jihad on campus follows years of speakers, posters, lies, and campaigns of hate accepted as free speech and academic freedom on campuses throughout the land and specifically on the McMaster campus. It comes after years of their “Human Rights and Equity” officer and President(s) addressing every false claim made to silence Jewish professors and students and ignoring every complaint against the anti-Semitic IAW and now BDS. I have been involved in very small ways to alert the President and Provost (past and present) but have been largely ignored. Once when I did get a meeting with the past Provost to bring her up-to-date on the seriousness of campus intolerance, she had a security officer sit by my side — the messenger apparently is to be feared but those conducting political violence and lies go unmolested at McMaster. I was also involved in a small way in presenting an initiative to have the university follow the recommendations of a non-partisan report on anti-Semitism by our government in which campus affairs were specifically mentioned. We were merely asking the President to follow government directives on the issue but we were, after many months of dithering on his part, rebuked and refused. The anti-Semitism initiative was signed by notable community and Canadian Rabbis, professors, and politicians but it has now been ignored and cast into the garbage. From the ashes of that report comes the anti-Semitic BDS campaign.

So now we are left with an even greater chance for jihad and sharia law — domination by Islamists on campus and a willing submission by academics, presidents, the Jewish community and students. Students in particular are mostly unaware of the news of the day (and the lessons of history are a grey, unknown void for most of them). Students are being taught the lessons of victim-hood by people who politically profit from the advance of their false claims. The only people on earth today who are morally considered unworthy of claims of victim-hood, according to the haters, are the Jewish people who, as they were during WWII, are cast into the role of Christ killers (Palestinians and their Christian supporters are using the “Palestinians” as the new Christ to once again punish Jews for the false accusation and deciding to prevent them from living and from taking their rightful place in the community of nations in the free world).

The following anecdote will give you an accurate impression of the youth of today (non-Muslim) connected to the cause of intolerance and anti-Semitism. When the meeting was over, I observed a young woman trying to entrap a couple of professors on the other side of the debate. The woman with very nice purple hair approached their backs and they did not see her coming. She was holding 4 large pop bottles which we later learned she was pilfering from the Jewish Student/Faculty Association. Making her way from the top of the bleachers to the bottom of the court of the gym, she claimed that she was being blocked and, instead of saying “excuse me, I would like to get by,” she screamed some wild accusation about a human rights violation against the disabled for blocking her way. She started ranting about how she is disabled and then she went into a frantic rage. When she finally proceeded in leaps and bounds down to the court of the gymnasium floor, she continued her harangue, threatening to make charges to the “human rights board.” She, like the others making false claims about Israel and not willing to listen to reason nor debate, will continue to make gratuitous complaints and use lawfare until they are reminded of their ignorance, their bullying behavior, their abuse of the facts and abuse and intolerance of others. This woman was not a student at the university and yet she was yelling at two very quiet, well-respected and gentle professors who are part of McMaster. In my day the university would have taken a dim view of this woman’s abusive behaviour and had her expelled from the building. Today she, like the others there to make their prejudices known, is mollycoddled and protected — and so her vile behavior grows stronger and her mean temperament is empowered and deemed acceptable

What I saw in that room yesterday is the future, which I believe, will be an horrendous legacy if not stopped. These BDS campaigns will be successful unless we stand up to them; it is just a matter of time. If the community is not being informed, how will they know what is taking place and how to combat it? I am disgusted.

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38 Responses to “I saw the future — anti-Semitism — at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada”

  1. old Lori Says:

    Why was my comment taken down?

    Not palateable? The truth hurt?

    I’ll repeat

    What I see is that jewish organizations are running and hiding from these things, pretending that this will blow over, and that “dialog” will fix the problem. Well, you can’t dialog with those who want you dead and who think they are winning the battle.

    It is the jewish leadership in this country that is failing. Don’t expect non-jews to stand up for jews when jews won’t stand up for themselves or stand with the non-jews who are their natural allies against islamofascism. What did the famous Mr. Farber have to say on this issue? Or Mr. Dimant.


  2. old Lori Says:

    If there is a problem with my comment, please respond online – let’s have a conversation about this issue. Does it not deserve this?

  3. Dean Says:

    You are right on Lori, and here is a quote that was forwarded to me that came from our local Federation regarding the above article. Keep in mind that they did not inform anyone outside of perhaps their small group of friends – they never do want community input or involvement (until today) – and they have a policy of sha shtil and damning those who take action:

    “None of us are living in a vacuum…The only person living in his solitude, perpetuating his hate, is the writer.”

    So the activist is seen by the Jewish “leader” as the enemy as they give the real enemies of the Jewish people a free pass.

  4. publisher Says:

    Nothing was deleted manually. We use a comment spam filter and sometimes it eats valid comments. Please re-post the comment which was inadvertently deleted and we’ll make sure to whitelist you.

  5. Sydney "Buzz" Chertkoff, B.A. (McMaster '58'), LL.B., Q.C. Says:

    I, the founder and first President of Hillel at McMaster University, for two years editor of The Silhouette, am so deeply devastated and disappointed by this news. Back then, ten years after the declaration of the State of Israel, there was no sign on campus of this vicious and ugly anti-Semitism, and notwithstanding the claim that such is “playing the anti-Semitism card” that is exactly what it is. Unfortunately the BDS propagandists with their lies and half-truths are finding many weak-minded followers to pander to them and their game. This sickness is spreading throughout the world like a contagious disease and even though the government of Canada is steadfastly supportive of Israel, and the Ottawa Protocol was created there, the people are being poisoned by this nightmare.

    If the good people of Hamilton do not rise up to squash this terrorism, I can only think of the poem by Pastor Martin Niemoller, that no-one will be left to speak for them.

    Sydney “Buzz” Chertkoff, B.A. (McMaster ’58), LL.B., Q.C.

  6. Aaron S. Says:

    The Islamic evil has taken root. It has emboldened Jew haters to crawl out from under their rocks. This swamp scum finds a natural allie in the Leftist academics who are by nature virulent anti-semites and are crypto-Nazi fascists. They find much in common with their Islamo-Nazi allies. So the universities have been turned into haven’s of virulent Jew hatred.

    They have found a façade from which they can legitimize their Jew hatred by turning Israel into an “apartheid state”. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. A democratic country that even has Arab MKs who openly denounce Israel in its government!

    Yes, my friends, the next Holocaust is coming. I would advise every freedom loving Jew to arm yourselves. You cannot rely on the government – especially in America where the President is a crypto-Moslem working in tandem with the Moslem Brotherhood to undermine America from within.

    Arm yourselves. These Jew haters must be confronted like the Nazis they are.

  7. Ebyjeeby Says:

    I am disgusted every time I hear of these BDS votes. We need to fight this BS. Aaron S. is right.

  8. Gary Fouse Says:

    Here is one thing we can do. Get online with the campus newspapers where these things are happening. Find the news or opinion write ups on them. Add your comments to the reader thread. Emphasize the brown shirt tactics. Keep in mind, however, that we are appealing to the non-committed college student who is reading it. Save the insults and inflammatory rhetoric. These students are looking for reasoned discourse and will react positively if we appeal to human rights and rejection of anti-semitism and brown shirt tactics.

  9. Mohamed El Mahallawy Says:

    With all due respect. Take this down please.

  10. Tay Asm Says:

    This is disrespectful. You talk about anti-civilization claims by people dressed in “muslim attire”, and you make these comments. Please take this down.

  11. Seif Youssef Says:

    Please take this down.

  12. Michael Legacy Says:

    you are entitled to say whatever you want. keep this up.

  13. Andrew Says:

    Please take this down

  14. Raiyan Says:

    Please take this down

  15. Raiyan Says:

    Please take this down.

  16. Anas Alwan Says:

    Please take this down

  17. Anna Says:

    Please take this down.

  18. Sydney "Buzz" Chertkoff, B.A. (McMaster '58'), LL.B., Q.C. Says:

    I am sorry, I take back everything that I said earlier. My words were very offensive and I realize that, unfortunately I cannot take my comment down so please forgive me.

  19. Dean Says:

    Mohamed El Mahallawy, Anas Alwan, Anna, Raiyan : Perhaps you ought to be more concerned with the importation of jihad into America than in creating false propaganda against Jews and Israel. Israel is NOT your problem. If you are from Muslim countries and have settled in the West, surely you know that you have it very good here compared with what your parents and grandparents went through living in countries where the dictator or mullahs rule your lives, where women are treated like inferior property, where young people are taught to hate all but their branch of Islam, where any protest is brutally suppressed by the state. Gays, blacks, non-Muslims and others are treated very badly, sometimes killed for who they are or what they believe. The justice system is skewed in favour of the religious and sentences are barbaric, unfair and swift. Israel, by contrast, welcomes everyone provided they do not want to destroy Israel – which “Palestinians” want more than they want another new country in place of Israel. Read your history books and do not take what you are fed by your Mosques or your leftist profs without critical examination and research of your own. Most importantly, respect and contribute to civilization, do not set your goal to tear it down in anger. Killing Israelis and denying Jewish people their home will not improve your lives nor will it solve the problems within Islamic countries that can only be dealt with through modernization and the reform of the violence contained in some of the more vicious teachings of Islam. By the way, we live in a country of free speech, but lies must be countered and that process also requires free speech. The retraction by Chertkoff in this forum is likely faked just like the campaign against Israel is faked – some people, unfortunately, must use lies to advance their politics.

  20. Amin Says:

    Please take this down.

  21. Dean Says:

    Amin: You can’t just shout down the truth and stop people from defending themselves from jihad taking place on campus – the tactics of bullies does not apply in a free and open society – it only applies in dictatorships and places where freedom means nothing. Also, being offended by the truth does not mean that we are Islamophobes for pointing it out to you. We welcome and respect all people provided they do not want us dead and to replace us through conquest. So, if you have any arguments beyond your anger towards people who do not share your views and do not agree with your own view of the world, then let us hear them…I am willing to engage with you in dialogue and debate but I will not be silenced or shouted down because you want a free path to destroy us.

  22. Rita Alexander Says:

    Take this down

  23. Mohamed El Mahallawy Says:

    Dean, appreciate your comments and sharing your thoughts.

    I am not protesting in anger nor in ignorance. I am simply asking to have this offensive post put down. I attended the GA and was in huge favor for the accessibility notions which the author failed to mention. It is unfair and I stand against simply coming to a conclusion and pointing fingers to anyone that has a Muslim name or is a Muslim. I believe this is the reason why people are commenting to take this down, not out of anger but rather out of respect. Respect that, although people may have differing thoughts or opinions, we can still live in a unified Canadian society where hatred doesn’t linger amongst us.

  24. Dean Says:

    I hate to burst your bubble and draw attention away from your little diversionary tactic, Mohamed El Mahallawy, but I have seen the video and the accessibility issues put forth by members of council were dwarfed by the Jew-hate motion and vitriol in that room on that evening and you know it! The accessibility issues were dealt easily and with no disagreements. The big elephant in the room was the pro-BDS vote. That is why 500 people turned up, not because they disagreed that more ramps needed to be installed at McMaster University. As to the issue of Islamists, there were plenty there that evening – a fact that even you would not dispute. Yes, there were others in the room that day, the author of the article pointed that out quite clearly. Most university halls, when it comes to BDS and IAW, are divided along clear lines: Islamists and leftists on one side vs. a few isolated Jews and some other supporters on the other side. But you know that already, I am not telling you anything that is a startling revelation. Nobody is pointing fingers at “all” people with Muslim names…but all people with Muslim names on this forum are also ordering the publisher to take down the article without any good reasons. I have a suggestion – why not stop IAW and BDS – that would help to heal the rift created by those whose intolerance and ignorance is inundating universities America-wide with lies and hatred. It is Islamic hatred that worries me because it is normally backed and followed by jihad and terrorism. It is not a few checkpoints in Israel that bother me (they happen to be inconvenient necessities to prevent jihadi violence in that country).

  25. Dean Says:

    By the way, I do not exclusively blame Islamists for IAW and BDS, there is plenty of money flowing into universities from unions, foreign countries, and even the United Church which all fund and promote the same agenda (for different reasons). Antiemitism is not only an Islamic disease, it is also a disease of the EU, the UN, the OIC and even a president and a past president of the US suffer from the same affliction.

  26. publisher Says:

    First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Freedom of speech.

  27. Freedom of Speech Says:

    Freedom of speech:

    This is a warning – I have asked the admins of this website to take down this post and they did not respond. I will give it 2 additional days to be taken down or I will have to myself. I mean no harm, but I asked for such a controversial post and disrespectful post to be taken down.

  28. Dean Says:

    Freedom of Speech: That is a strange name for a guy who wants none of it. Let me remind you that your threat to “take down” the website in “two days” sounds a lot like cyber terrorism and although I am not the publisher, I would regard your message as an assault on free speech, the constitution and possibly an illegal act of mischief.

  29. Freedom of Speech Says:

    Ah, your strong words tickle me. People that are weak and ‘threatened’ are ones that point fingers and use words strong words like ‘terrorism’ and ‘assault’

    Thanks Dean <3

  30. Dean Says:

    Freedom of Speech, are you afraid of people who witness the most vulnerable being bullied with political jihad and then exposed for their bullying? Are you afraid that those freedoms you use to promote your politics in the West – freedoms that are not available to people in dictatorships – will be closed to you if your lies are brought to public attention? Well, it is all out in the open – we see the jihad happening throughout the world and now, post-9/11, being exported to the West, especially Europe and parts of America – the campus being the focus of the jihad for now. I hope that there is time to stop it.

  31. publisher Says:

    This is a warning – I have asked the admins of this website to take down this post and they did not respond. I will give it 2 additional days to be taken down or I will have to myself. I mean no harm, but I asked for such a controversial post and disrespectful post to be taken down.

    Here’s your response. We won’t take this article down. This blog is hosted in the U.S. where censorship of the press is illegal. “I will have to myself.” Is this a threat to hack this website? Your IP address will be turned over to the proper authorities.

  32. publisher Says:

    Freedom of Speech: I believe that you are misrepresenting yourself by using the email address “freedom@speech.com”. Are you claiming to be affiliated with the organization https://www.speech.com/us/speech-processing-solution/? I will be contacting them to inform them that you are using their website address to represent yourself.

  33. Freedom of Speech Says:

    I am so scared! Waahhhhhhh

  34. Freedom of Speech Says:

    Think I am dumb, publisher, and just let you discover my IP address to give to the proper authorities?
    This is going to be alot more fun that I thought.

  35. Freedom of Speech Says:

    Told you

  36. publisher Says:

    Freedom of Speech: All your activities at this site will be monitored and turned over to law enforcement. We know where you are, all IP addresses you are using, the networks you are using — and we can find you in person by contacting the various service providers your are abusing, the FBI, and the RCMP.

  37. publisher Says:

    We’re contacting all the people below to inform them that “Freedom of Speech” is abusing their email/IP addresses — and the Toronto Police Department, Hamilton Police Services, the RCMP, and all U.S. authorities.

    University of Toronto
    4 Bancroft Avenue
    ROOM 101C

    McMaster University
    1280 Main St. West
    Hamilton, ON L8S-4M1

    UPDATE 4/11/2014

    * Direct and/or personal email addresses have been redacted to protect these individuals’ privacy. But rest assured we have contacted them and are now in discussions with several of these good people to prevent “Freedom of Speech” from harassing us and threatening us. We have also contacted the RCMP and the Hamilton Police. They have advised us to provide all documentation of threats and harassment to our local law enforcement, who will then coordinate with Canadian authorities via Interpol.

  38. HARJEEVAN Says:

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