Obama: The President of War

March 31, 2015, 6:52 am


by Gary Gerofsky

Obama was elected – twice – as a left-wing, Democratic and progressive President promising less involvement in world conflicts, more dialogue with enemies, and fewer American troops deployed. Obama says that he wants a diminished emphasis on American strength. These “progressive” tactics were supposed to make the world more peaceful. The absence of American involvement is now creating a vacuum that is being filled by dictators. In reality, what has resulted is a much more dangerous world at war. The President was supposed to mollify and reassure with his non-interventionist policies and actions but it has been a dismal failure.

What concerns me most is his inability to admit failure. Instead, he steps on the accelerator even after losing Congressional elections. His tactics are fueling more war and potential nuclear conflagration. He and his administration seem to have a willful blindness and complete misunderstanding of the differences between various countries and the ideologies that drive them.

The Obama administration has taken the concept of equality and stretched and distorted it into a belief that the worst state and non-state actors behave just like America. The administration has complete confidence in its own failed strategies despite proof that they are leading the world into more death and danger.

Look at Russia where Obama promised Putin more freedom after Obama was elected for a second term. We now have a Russia on the march, conquering Crimea, occupying large swaths of Ukraine, and joining forces with Iran and Syria in their ugly war. Look at North Korea where the USA gave the Kims incentives to slow their nuclear program but the end result was more belligerency/threats, craziness and many more nuclear weapons. Look at Egypt where Obama was eager to overthrow Mubarak and pave the way for The Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The Egyptian people soon realized that they did not want endless sharia and jihad. They did not want war with Israel and civil war under the MB. So Obama threw a fit and to this day gives the cold shoulder to President el Sisi for acting in the interest of the Egyptian people. Look at how American policy has made Iran the hegemonic contender for regional power. Obama for years has been working to ignore the Iranian nuclear program and weapons development. Obama wants Iran to succeed and to have a protected agreement. It is not clear if Obama is doing so for personal reasons to undermine an Israel he hates or if it is because he trusts the kind of Islamists (like the ones he knew in his youth) who are known to tell lies to advance their theocratic Islamic regime.

If Obama, as part of his left-wing philosophy, were truly against intervention in foreign wars, then he would not be choosing sides and not choosing the wrong sides in every conflict. His rush to always choose the worst Islamist regimes and state sponsors of terror defies explanation. In my view he does so out of a religious devotion that remains hidden and at the core of his belief system. His loyalty to the Muslim Brotherhood, to Iran, to Hamas and Hezbollah, as he rakes Israel over the coals, would explain his behavior. Does Obama really believe that Iran or a new terror state that would replace and displace ancient Israel benefit the region? Does he really think that such changes will benefit America? I doubt it, and so the only valid explanation is that he wants to empower Muslim terrorists to destroy Israel. Does this help the Muslim people in any way? No. Does it help regimes now crumbling into rivers of blood and growing mountains of dead bodies? No. Has Obama ever backed actions for peaceful change to occur within any Islamic states, societies or terror entities? No. He offers them rewards to remain the same or to become more violent.

I strongly urge the world to stop the American president from pandering to Iran. We are just about to sign an agreement that will make the world a more dangerous place. It will be a new world where an Islamic totalitarian state will have nukes pointed like a dagger to the throats of our children. It is an agreement that is completely unnecessary because it benefits a conquest. It allows the repetition of the past where Islamic regimes were conquering most of the civilized world and placed them under Islamic rule. I am not exaggerating nor am I against the Muslim people. I am against the political theology which has enslaved Muslim people over the ages and made others dhimmis or dead according to strict Islamic rules. Obama has never repudiated Islamic sharia. Obama knows the dictates well, being acquainted with the Koran and Hadiths. He knows that what he is doing at this very moment will make the world a more bloody place, a more dangerous place, a less free world, a world under the thumb of Islamists with nukes.

Yes, Obama is a warring President under the guise of a peace maker. He does not want to wage war for America; he wants Islamist and totalitarian regimes to wage the war on his behalf. So far he has succeeded with help from the UN and the EU. I ask you to speak up against his plan because many voices can make great differences at this precarious time in our history.

Gary Gerofsky is a free-lance writer in Canada.

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