The accusation of “Islamophobia” is designed to shut down discussion, debate and criticism of everything Islamic

May 2, 2015, 6:49 am


By Gary Gerofsky

Recently I read an article (“Levelling the playing field for Muslim girls”) in my local newspaper about a “progressive” idea within a high school that the board of education raise funds for Muslim girls to participate in sports events by paying for special “sports hijabs.” On the surface, it sounds like a fair-minded, inexpensive idea to facilitate inclusion and participation in sports. However, in reality, it is a huge step towards sharia law. It would sanction the political symbols of Islam. It would comply with Islamic family and community pressure on girls to wear an article of clothing that is neither mandatory nor necessary for their faith — and is certainly not required attire by religious duty to play sports. It would place a barrier to integration and inclusion into a normal school environment and team sports. It is a way in which the Islamic community can force us to accept their misogyny, their self-perceived exclusivity and superiority, and their attempts to gain special accommodation within Western society. It is a recipe for further separation and insularity. It is the slippery slope to sharia law. It also speaks to Muslim youth of Canada’s support for Islamic values. In a current situation where we have had too many going off to join ISIS to lop off heads, mass murder and enslave girls, it gives the (privileged) Canadian Muslim youth a green light to support jihad both here and abroad. The leftists love it, as they do all initiatives which bring us closer to political Islam as loyal multicultural followers, and, despite my concerns and objections, it is receiving full support and will most likely be approved, implemented and eventually expanded.

After writing a letter to the editor (“Board should not raise funds for hijabs”) I was met with two condemnatory letters, (“Hijab issue: Right to choose”) and (“We should applaud funding for sports hijab”). In the second I was called “anti-Islamic,” which is a lie. It is an attempt to shut up my criticism of Islamic practices, my opposition to the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel) and expressions of revulsion against terrorism as well. I have been to the Arab Middle East as a teacher on both the male and female campuses. I am more qualified to speak about the abuse and oppression of Muslims by Islamism than the starry-eyed leftists who pretend sympathy and understanding but are actually anti-Islamic because they know so little about the history, customs, and treatment meted out to the Muslims of the Middle East by their own potentates and terror-ridden leaders who are now beheading, shooting them and piling up the bodies in mass graves. Na├»ve anti-western activists support the most radical among the Islamists by pretending to show religious and cultural tolerance and respect but they are strengthening the voices of the most militant in their efforts. The Muslim Brotherhood and others are commonly found at the center of requests for more accommodation because this is part of the Da’wah program to indoctrinate and sensitize us to what they think to be the glory and compassion of Islam.

In Canada we have had several gruesome examples of honor killings. The most publicized was the Shafia family murders where three young sisters, Zainab, 19, Sahar, 17, and Geeti, 13, “were found dead inside a car that was discovered underwater” because they wanted to be Canadian, and did not want to wear the hijabs keeping them down by the patronizing rules of their father, mother and brother. There is also the high-profile case of “Aqsa Parvez, a 16-year-old girl of Pakistani descent who wanted to wear western clothes and get a part-time job like her Canadian peers.” The point is that the hijab is mandatory, not a choice for those who find themselves in strict Islamic family settings where there is no choice. Beyond the fact that we still have a separation of church and state in Canada, for a school to say that they will allow a practice such as this in its sports program is to sanction the symbolism and make the situation harder for those trying to escape such abuse. It puts pressure on more secularized Muslims to wear the veils, the hijabs and the burkas. In no other situation that I know of does the school board allow religion or culture to be accommodated with such self-righteous pride and arrogant disregard for victims. The treatment of other religions in the public school is neutral or negative because in the new curriculum of social studies and “social justice” venues, Christians and Jews are colonizers, occupiers and oppressors. The simplistic notion that everything innocent, cute and cuddly about Islamic girls all wrapped up in cloth is good and positive, is actually an example of the low expectations we have for just one segment of society, Muslims. Leftists would like to see them as separate and special victims’ category all their own. To the Left, Muslims are unable or unwilling (always for good reasons) to join the fabric of society and the community of nations. We are intolerant if we do not accommodate — we are the oppressors — always and forever more. Islam is mandated to share their cultural traditions, according to their very hyperactive proselytizing, and they definitely want us to become them.

Being called anti-Islamic can be a career-ending slander and a barrier to jobs in this politically correct era and so I contacted the managing editor of the newspaper to express my concerns about their choice to allow that slur to be included in a letter responding to mine. I did not get a response to the question. Later on I was granted a rebuttal. The newspaper has been at the forefront of assisting Da’wah, holding all-Islamic events in their auditorium on how to handle mounting Islamophobia (which is not present in any way, shape or form in our city but the myth helps the Left to align their movement in shared rage against Canada’s Conservative government and helps to connect them with those who justify, excuse and enable terrorism). The newspaper has many times said that intolerance will be expunged from their pages and by that they mean any criticism primarily of Islam. It also serves to silence critics like me who have experienced and studied the problem first hand and understand that the road to sharia has huge pot holes and dangers. It is a path of destruction that will make our free and bountiful country look more like Europe which has undergone and gone along with the extreme indoctrination. The demands for hijabs everywhere, including schools, are mounting. The covering up of women has been an ubiquitous and noticeable practice only in the past dozen years in the West because they have become political symbols of oppression accepted by western fools who view them as cultural expressions of religious piety. They use propaganda to perpetuate the general myth of western oppression of Muslims. The covering is also used to show off the power of Islam to enforce its sharia over its women in western society over all objections.

Gary Gerofsky is a freelance writer in Canada.

Gerofsky, G. (2015, May 1). School board should not be in religion business. Hamilton Spectator, Letters, April 25. Retrieved from

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