Iran pushes world towards Armageddon; Obama appeases and cowers

January 7, 2016, 7:05 pm


By Andrew L. Jaffee

Iran’s Islamist mullahs are, to say the least, violent, dangerous, insane, and certainly not trustworthy — as we’ve known for years and as the Iranian regime keeps proving every day. These thugs threaten not only the Middle East but the whole world. President Obama, obsessed with his “legacy,” has nonetheless signed a nuclear agreement with Iran which “commits Tehran to cutting back over more than a decade on nuclear technologies that could be used for weapons-making. In exchange, Iran will have access to about $100 billion in previously frozen assets and fully return to the oil market.” The mullahs have very publicly exclaimed, and most importantly acted, in ways that prove they have absolutely no intention of living up to the terms in Obama’s treaty. They intend to literally profit from this foolish treaty — and they certainly won’t stop pursuing the development of nuclear weapons. Recent events have emphasized that Iran has no intention of abiding by its obligations under Obama’s treaty. Even Democrats who supported the president’s agreement with Iran are “steaming.”

Let’s pause to review just a few of the reasons why any sane leader (i.e., not including President Obama) would refuse to sign a treaty with Iran’s mullahs. On multiple occasions, Iranian leadership has publicly stated its desire to “wipe Israel off the map” (and we know the only way they could try would be with atomic weapons). The mullahs are obsessed with the Islamic concept of the “mahdaviat,” which refers to “the restorer of religion and justice who will rule before the end of the world.” Just over a week ago, U.S. Central Command spokesman Commander Kyle Raines “said in a statement that Iranian Revolutionary Guard naval vessels fired ‘several unguided rockets’ about 1,500 yards from the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier.” In February of last year, Iran held a “large-scale naval and air defense drill” in the Strait of Hormuz which involved blowing up “a replica U.S. aircraft carrier,” an act meant to send “a clear message to [Iran's] ‘extraterritorial enemies’ in Washington.” How many times have we heard Iranian officials making statements like “Jihad Will Continue Until America is No More?” Other Muslim countries are at near-warlike odds with Iran: “American Decline: With the Iran nuclear deal, the U.S. has moved closer to the world’s foremost terror state. Our Arab allies and friends just moved further away.”

Despite all this insanity, the Obama administration is ready to capitulate to Iranian terror, meekly proclaiming today that:

Iran may be “days away” from complying with last summer’s nuclear deal, US secretary of state John Kerry has said, a step that would compel the US and other western nations to immediately suspend many sanctions on the Islamic republic.

We heard perhaps a glimmer of hope today that “The GOP-led House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday approved legislation that would give Congress greater oversight of the landmark nuclear deal with Iran,” but will Republicans really follow through?

Are we now in a situation in which the Western World (which includes Israel) will only stop Iran if it does something incredibly evil and on an utterly massive scale? I’ll leave you with several depressing thoughts which at least provide some insight into this foreign relations nightmare…

From Investor’s Business Daily:

… After the mass executions in Saudi Arabia last week that included putting to death a prominent Shiite cleric advocating overthrowing the House of Saud, Shiite Iran allowed the Saudi embassy to be burned, and the Saudis responded by breaking off diplomatic relations with Tehran.

But the Saudis weren’t alone. Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates downgraded relations with the Ayatollah Khamenei’s Islamofascist regime.

While triggered by those recent incidents, these moves by Arab states friendly to the U.S. have everything to do with Obama’s nuclear pact with Iran and its unfreezing over $100 billion in Iranian assets.

With those assets, Iran’s mullahs will not only finance more terrorism, but also seek military dominance in the entire region.

In short, the Saudis and others see an America that has foolishly cozied up to the bully on the block. Who could have imagined the nightmare the region is experiencing, the direct result of Obama’s policies of apology and appeasement?

Our president goes to Cairo in his first year to apologize for our country’s traditional post-war role in the Middle East, implies that America has been an enemy to Islam but now wants to be friends, then withdraws from anti-terrorism wars in two Muslim countries.

The result of our exit from Iraq is the rise of the Islamic State, a veritable al-Qaida on steroids.

He gives our staunch ally Israel the cold shoulder. Then, to top it off, he lets Iran keep its nuclear program last year after assuring America and the world that the purpose of the negotiations with Iran were to end it. The reason, of course, is that letting them keep it was the only way to get the deal with Iran that is so important to Obama’s presidential legacy.

If you’re a non-jihadist Arab state, like Saudi Arabia, what you’re seeing is a U.S. in the Mideast that simply isn’t the U.S. anymore. …

From The New York Post:

… First we had Obama’s embarrassing walk-back of his threat to launch military strikes against Syria’s Bashar al-Assad for using chemical weapons against civilians. Now the White House has pulled the rug out from under its own plans for new sanctions on Iran over its ballistic-missile program.

Why? Apparently because Tehran threatened to walk away from Obama’s nuclear accord — demonstrating yet again which side was more eager to strike a deal.

Not to mention how terrified this president is of any confrontation that might threaten the deal — which explains why the State Department offered only a late, low-key criticism of the state-sponsored mob that attacked the Saudi embassy in Tehran over the weekend.

Iran clearly thinks it now has license to do whatever it likes — which has the Democrats who succumbed to White House pressure to endorse the deal steaming.

At 10 a.m. last Wednesday, the State Department notified Congress that it was about to announce new sanctions over Iran’s “significant threat to regional and global security.”

An hour later, it delayed the announcement. Late that night, it scrapped it altogether — with the sanctions indefinitely delayed pending “further diplomatic action.”

That Obama refuses to hold Iran accountable for anything also puts the lie to his vow he’d reimpose (“snapback”) sanctions if Iran violates the nuke deal.

As Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) noted, these failures to push back against misbehavior will simply “invite Iran to cheat.”

It’s what critics of the deal have said all along. Even supporters of the deal, like Coons, get it — why won’t the president?

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