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The accusation of “Islamophobia” is designed to shut down discussion, debate and criticism of everything Islamic

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

By Gary Gerofsky

Recently I read an article (“Levelling the playing field for Muslim girls”) in my local newspaper about a “progressive” idea within a high school that the board of education raise funds for Muslim girls to participate in sports events by paying for special “sports hijabs.” On the surface, it sounds like a fair-minded, inexpensive idea to facilitate inclusion and participation in sports. However, in reality, it is a huge step towards sharia law. It would sanction the political symbols of Islam. It would comply with Islamic family and community pressure on girls to wear an article of clothing that is neither mandatory nor necessary for their faith — and is certainly not required attire by religious duty to play sports. It would place a barrier to integration and inclusion into a normal school environment and team sports. It is a way in which the Islamic community can force us to accept their misogyny, their self-perceived exclusivity and superiority, and their attempts to gain special accommodation within Western society. It is a recipe for further separation and insularity. It is the slippery slope to sharia law. It also speaks to Muslim youth of Canada’s support for Islamic values. In a current situation where we have had too many going off to join ISIS to lop off heads, mass murder and enslave girls, it gives the (privileged) Canadian Muslim youth a green light to support jihad both here and abroad. The leftists love it, as they do all initiatives which bring us closer to political Islam as loyal multicultural followers, and, despite my concerns and objections, it is receiving full support and will most likely be approved, implemented and eventually expanded.


I saw the future — anti-Semitism — at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Friday, March 28th, 2014

By Gary Gerofsky

In a gymnasium on the campus of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, which is used for sports, concerts and normally happy and festive events of student life, I saw the future. It was in the form of a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) vote that passed overwhelmingly. The vote passed but will not take effect at this time because they did not get quorum (they needed over 600 students but they had a little over 400). I am told that the pending vote will be passed along to senate where its fate will be in the hands of that body. Regardless, one day soon, as on hundreds of campuses throughout the land, these and similar anti-civilization votes are or will be taking place. They are attended by hundreds of students, a good portion dressed in Islamic attire; some older students who do not appear to be students at all, angrier and more determined than your average Canadian student. Also in attendance are many Muslims and other supporters who are often bussed in by various religious and other groups, churches, unions, etc.


Naiveté and disunity is a green light for those who want to exploit us

Monday, May 27th, 2013

By Gary Gerofsky

Disunity is making it difficult to impossible to deal with the terrorism we see happening all around us. My late father used to caution us that everything should be done in moderation. We were told to approach important decisions with care by weighing every action, looking at all the evidence, and considering all the options. He could not countenance reckless abandon. The fight against terrorism is being hampered severely by a reckless disregard for the truth, an inability to face the facts, a naiveté about the source of terrorism and a lot of propaganda that has politicized terrorism in ways inimical to finding viable solutions. The situation is being made worse by those whose inability to comprehend the dangers have them splitting hairs with their own and thus preventing any joint decisions that need to be reached. During past threats to our way of life in previous generations individuals, leaders and countries came together to confront the enemy but now we come together to comfort the enemy.


The Five Stages Of Islam

Monday, March 18th, 2013

by Richard Butrick,* THINK-ISRAEL

Forget the Five Pillars[1] of Islam. It is the Five Stages of Islam that threaten the fundamental freedoms of Western Democracy. Freedoms which include freedom of thought, expression, and association and the crucial derived right of freedom of the press. We should never forget that “Islam” means submission — the opposite of self-determination and Enlightenment values.

Six years ago Dr. Peter Hammond published[2] a remarkable book which included a statistical study of the correlation between Muslim to non-Muslim population ratios and the transition from conciliatory Islam to fascist Islam. The stages are the same in 2011 but the demographics have changed to show an alarming progression. Many European nations and the U.S. are on the cusp of moving to a higher bracket. The demographics change but the story is the same. First comes the taqiyya and[3] the kitman; then comes the Sword of Islam. Imam[4] Rauf, the Ground Zero Mosque promoter, is the current master of taqiyya. He has gulled everyone from Bloomberg[5] to Maureen Dowd[6] of the NYT — who fanaticizes over male Muslims. Expect doppelgangers of Khomeini for stage 5 and Islamic PEACE at last.


What Jonathan Kay got wrong

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

by Phyllis Chesler

I disagree with my colleague Jonathan Kay’s recent article “American super-hawks demand to know: ‘Are you Jew enough?’”

First, let me thank him for referring to me as “a feminist-turned anti-Islamist” and not as “anti-Muslim” or as an “Islamophobe.” However, in becoming an “anti-Islamist” I did not check my feminist credentials at the door; my work on honour-based violence, including honour killing among Muslims and Hindus (mainly in India) is pure feminist work. The victims are primarily women of colour, and yes, in the West, they are primarily Muslims. I am championing their cause just as I have championed the cause of non-Muslim Western women. I work with Muslim and ex-Muslim dissidents who share my Enlightenment values, a single universal standard of human rights, and who, like me, have taken a stand against the persecution of girls, women, homosexuals, free thinkers and pro-Israel advocates in the Muslim world.


Lawfare infringes on the rights of investigative journalists, steps on free speech, ruins lives and wastes the resources of the courts

Friday, December 28th, 2012

By Gary Gerofsky

The court systems are being abused by serial lawfare agents working on behalf of international governments and in some cases, terrorist-connected or terrorist-supporting Islamist groups. Where there is money, there is always a lawyer waiting to get a piece of the pie regardless of the merit or morality of the case. Frivolous lawsuits waste tax dollars, ruin lives, and tie up valuable court resources so that others are delayed or denied justice. We must act now to prevent our courts from becoming vehicles for Islamist and other groups who want to silence journalists and citizens; anyone who challenges and exposes their hateful, violent and vengeful ways.


The Useful Myth that Obama Now Likes Israel

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

By Barry Rubin

Reality, especially in 2012, is very hard to face. So many hopes dashed; so many bad things happening. So people can be forgiven for taking refuge in wishful thinking. Sometimes, not telling the truth has its value in public affairs, especially when you are looking at a president with four more years in office and no elections ahead of him.

Such is the story now gaining currency in some quarters that President Barack Obama has changed his view of Israel, now wants to get along with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the two are closely cooperating. If you want to believe that idea it probably does no harm and makes you feel better. Maintaining this fiction may also encourage Obama supporters to think more kindly of Israel.


Justin Trudeau will speak at radical Islamic conference

Friday, December 21st, 2012

By Gary Gerofsky

Like the name “Kennedy” in the USA, the name “Trudeau” evokes warm feelings and fond memories within the “liberal” sector of Canadian society. They think of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau as an intellectual playboy bachelor who eventually married a young, pot-smoking hippy-chick to start a family on Parliament Hill. On a more salient note, they also see him as a legal expert and visionary who patriated the Canadian Constitution, implemented multiculturalism, and promoted state-directed, French-language legislation across the country at great cost. For people who actually lived through the Trudeau era and those who are able to detach themselves from the make-belief world of leftism, the Trudeau years meant deficits, watching Trudeau visit his leftist friends such as Fidel Castro, tolerating arrogant leadership, and observing Trudeau’s use of the f-bomb against Canada’s western population as he plundered their energy reserves for the benefit of elites in Quebec and Ontario. Looking at his pragmatic side, Trudeau was hated in Quebec because he was a federalist (actually a progenitor of Quebec-centrism across Canada) who stood against the militant Separatists. He effectively dealt with nascent terrorism from Quebec by putting into place the War Measures Act to prevent further bloodshed (carried out by the Front de libération du Québec [FLQ] during the October Crisis of 1970) — beyond the kidnapping and murder of the Deputy Premier of Quebec, Pierre Laporte, and the kidnapping of British diplomat James Cross.


Fighting the age of irrationality

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

By Gary Gerofsky

There are many examples today of irrational behaviour on a grand scale. Those of us not engaged in this mass irrationality feel very alone in the world — especially after Obama was handily elected to a second term as U.S. president. People no longer act in their own best interests or the interests of their friends and family — they seem to be acting in the best interests of other groups; groups identified by the mainstream media (MSM) as underdogs, regardless of the fact that these so-called “underdogs” want to transform us into miserable slaves of some totalitarian religion or crazy political belief system.


How Obama’s decision to dump Omar Khadr into Canada is cementing the leftist-Islamist relationship in Canada

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

by Gary Gerofsky

U.S. President Obama wants to put an end to the Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) detention facility and needs to unload those formerly known as terrorists in saner times. But according to Mr. President, they no longer deserve that nasty label. To Obama, these “detainees” represent an un-kept promise to free killers in the name of appeasement. So he has been busy finding new homes for the “detainees.” So far the results have not been good with at least a 28% recidivism rate — many returning to the life of terror and jihad. In Libya, we witnessed the rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) attack on the American embassy and the death of many, including American Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who is reported to have been raped prior to his execution. The mastermind of the attack was a Gitmo terrorist, Sufyan Ben Qumu, a former driver for Osama bin Laden.


A respectable badge of honor: To be despised by despicable individuals, regimes and organizations

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

By Gary Gerofsky

This was a very bad week for peace, freedom and democracy unless you happen to be U.S. President Obama or the United Nations (UN) — the world seems to be falling apart — just as Obama and the UN intend to happen.

The Muslim Brotherhood — according to Obama’s plan and deep desire — looks poised to take over Egypt (or Islamists are willing to create enough violence to make that scenario a reality). This week the corrupt UN condemned Canada for making our student protestors follow some minor rules that require demonstrators to announce their protest routes in advance. Remember that these protestors are violent and stupid “occupy” movement, communist-leaning, puppets in a Quebec milieu creating pain for citizens, visitors and businesses. The feckless and evil-intentioned UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, engaged in Canada-bashing because Canada is Israel’s friend — our government happens to be conservative and thus not favoured by the UN).


The IRGC: A terrorist organization supporting Iran’s mullahs

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

By Sara Akrami and Saeed Ghasseminejad

In recent years, especially under the government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the (Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps) IRGC has taken over many aspect of Iranian society. The group oppresses Iranian citizens and must be ostracized and punished by the civilized world.

The establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 was the beginning of horror for Iranian citizens and greatly hindered the process of peacemaking in the Middle East and the world.


Canadian public must demand politicians and police forces eliminate politics of fear and appeasement

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

By Gary Gerofsky

When will the Canadian police return to treating thugs like thugs and citizens with respect by protecting good people against the thugs? It seems that in places where there have been recent protests such as Caledonia, parts of Quebec, and many other places across Canada, violent protestors are treated with respect under the umbrella of a policy of appeasement. Conversely, those who find the actions of thugs questionable and want to express their concern by showing up at protests are targeted by police.


Canadian Islamic schools teaching hatred

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

By Gary Gerofsky

As a member of The Never Again Group, as a former teacher and as a proud citizen of Canada I am appalled by the intolerance, hate, and incitement going on in Toronto’s East End Madrassah and in other Islamic “schools” and mosques throughout Canada.


Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps: Terrorist Organization

Friday, February 17th, 2012

By John Thompson and Sara Akrami*

Canada has a fairly tough and effective set of anti-terrorism laws, provided that a terrorist belongs to an entity listed by the Canadian government to which these laws are deliberately applied. Canada has listed al Qaeda and Hezbollah, among other Islamic groups. Putting the Tamil Tigers on the list in 2006 helped bring an end to that group by making it impossible for them to continue to raise funds in Canada. When the Islamic Republic of Iran was established in 1979, its leader, the Ayatollah Khomeini, formed an organization called the “Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps” (IRGC). Its major goal is the protection of the Islamic system of Iran from uprisings and internal dissident, not the protection of the Iranian people. The IRGC also causes instability outside Iran. Given what is known about the IRGC, why aren’t they on the Canadian list of terrorist entities? The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps consist of: