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Egypt’s Antiquities Caught in the Revolution

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

by Alexander H. Joffe*

The initial spasm of images from the Cairo Museum shocked observers. As tens of thousands of demonstrators confronted the security forces in what quickly evolved into the first popular revolution in Egypt’s history, the museum was ransacked in a scene reminiscent of the looted tombs of ancient Egyptian kings. A statue of Tutankhamun astride a panther was ripped from its base but then cast to the floor when thieves discovered it was gilded and not solid gold. A boat model from a tomb was smashed, the figures huddled in the boathouse pulverized but the navigator at the bow still pointing sadly forward. Two mummies were beheaded, mouths agape; it was rumored that they were Tut’s grandparents.


Poll: Vast majority of New Yorkers oppose Ground Zero mosque

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

A vast majority of New Yorkers oppose — “By a margin of 61 to 26 percent” — the building of a mosque (Muslim “community center”) near the hallowed ground in New York City near Ground Zero — where 3,000 people where savagely murdered by Islamist terrorists on 9/11. This is according to a Siena College, NY poll published today:

By a margin of 61 to 26 percent, New Yorkers oppose the proposal to build the Cordoba House, a multi-story Muslim Cultural Center in lower Manhattan two blocks from the site of the World Trade Center according to a new survey released today from the Siena College Research Institute (SRI). …

“Large majorities of all New Yorkers, every party, region and age give a thumbs-down to the Cordoba House Mosque being built near the Ground Zero site,” according to Dr. Don Levy, SRI’s Director. …


Hamas, the haram, prevents some Palestinians from making the Hajj

Monday, December 1st, 2008

By Andrew L. Jaffee

Hamas is supposedly a devout, orthodox Muslim group. If that were true, Hamas would fully comply with Sharia (Islamic law). The group would be halal, “an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted.” In fact, Hamas is acting quite haram, which “means unlawful or prohibited.” Haram is the opposite of halal. In the last few days, we find that Hamas is prohibiting certain Muslim Palestinians from leaving Gaza to attend the “Hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca [which] is one of the five pillars of Islam. … An adult Muslim of a sane mind, an able body and having means to bear the expenses must perform this act of worship once in his/her lifetime. There should be peace on the way to Mecca and there should be no hindrance or restriction in traveling to Mecca.”