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HB 44 - FIREARM TRANSFER ACT, HR 3 - PROHIBIT FIREARMS IN HOUSE, and SR 1 - PROHIBIT FIREARMS IN SENATE all died during this session. Thanks to all the good people who visited their representatives, emailed them personally (26,913 emails sent just using this page), faxed them, called them... There's so many people to thank, like the New Mexico Gun Owners Association (NMGOA) and Del Norte Gun Club, it would take pages to thank everyone. Thanks to Gov. Martinez for concentrating on the budget and not calling HB 44.

This page allows you contact 17 legislators to oppose House Bill 44 with one mouse click. Your opposition will be expressed to all members of the House Rules & Order of Business Committee. During election years (this year), the legislature has "just enough time to deal with the state's budget" during the short 30-day session, and this bill is not germane to the budget. House Bill 44 (see also here) is dangerous legislation that is "the first step towards criminalizing ALL private transfers of firearms," most likely will lead to requiring gun registration by all gun owners, would be ineffective because crazy people and criminals will never register their guns or purchase them legally, will needlessly suppress gun shows ("only 1.7 percent [of criminals] obtained a firearm at a gun show"), and finally is useless legislation because "Current laws are not being enforced." HR 3, an attempt to ban firearms in the capitol building, has also been included in the letter you'll send as it is not germane to the budget. Please take a minute of your time to tell your elected representatives to stop persecuting law-abiding gun owners. Just follow the simple steps below. You should also call as many legislators as you can to follow up after sending your emails to reinforce your message. (All their contact info is shown at the bottom of this page.) Note that citizens have already used this page to send almost 19,000 emails to various members of the legislature over approx. the last 2 1/2 months. NOTE: DON'T FORGET TO CONTACT GOVERNOR MARTINEZ IN STEP 4 BELOW.

Salutations (like "Dear Senator Smith:") and your contact information will be automatically added to the letter/emails for you, based on the contact information you provide below. Just follow the directions and steps shown below.

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Send me a copy for my records.

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STEP 4 - Tell Governor Susana Martinez to oppose HB 44:

Copy and paste the letter text above or write your own letter to our governor using the link shown below. Ask to her publicly oppose HB 44. Her contact page will open in a separate window/tab so you can easily send your emails to reps and senators AND contact the governor more conveniently.

Members of the House Rules & Order of Business Committee (see here also for bill assignment):

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